2011 NoVAGO Officers Elections

Time to vote folks! 2011 NoVAGO officers elections is under way. Make your voice heard!


It’s time to vote! Below are the positions and the members running for each. Please send your email vote to 2011vote@novago.org — be sure to use the subject “NoVAGO Vote 2011” and you must include your NoVAGO/geocaching.com username.


** PLEASE be sure your subject line is NoVAGO Vote 2011 **



Vice President


Nemo Consequentia

Public Relations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though some of the positions only have one person running, your vote must include the name of the person running for that position. Voting will run until Friday, December 31st, with the new officers announced on January 1.

NoVAGO Vote 2011: Call for Nominations

Hey, it’s November and that means (according to the bylaws) that it is “Open Season” in NoVAGO!!  What’s that mean??  It means that nominations for the calendar year 2011 Officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations, and Treasurer) are being solicited this month.  There is an open topic in the NoVAGO News & Announcements Forum (click the blue title bar above to go to it) which explains the time line, nomination procedures, and the voting procedures.  Typically, NoVAGO does a poorer job with elections than the American public does during off-years…let’s reverse that trend.  We’d really like to see lots of nominations, followed by a BIG voter turnout.  You don’t have to be a long time cacher, or long time member of NoVAGO to nominate/vote…you just need to show some interest in your organization!  Please take the time to do so.

The 2010 Officers have done a truly outstanding job, some may wish to run again…others may not – point is, NoVAGO needs interested, enthusiastic  folks just like them if we are to continue to grow.  Please consider running for office, or nominating the individual(s) you feel are right for the position.  (Do get the concurrence of the individual(s) before making their nominations in the forum).  If you would like to run for office, you may nominate yourself…if you feel you just can’t do that…then let another member know and I’m sure they would be happy to nominate you.  Again, the forum topic (blue title bar) explains the procedures clearly – please take a moment to read it.

It is time once again to select those who will be running for the 2011 NoVAGO Officer positions.

There are 5 elected positions and it is best to have competition for all 5. You do not have to have a lot of caches to run!! You only need to have a passion for geocaching and a willingness to be involved.

It is NOT a heavy time commitment. The officers meet 2-3 times per year usually immediately before the quarterly event and we sometimes have conference calls in the evening (another 2-3/year?). Most of the time spent is event-driven and no more/no less than if you arranged the end of year party for yor kid’s team or the neighborhood yard sale. We all do things like that constantly so why not join a group of four others (plus the board of directors) to do the same for NoVAGO!

If you are interested, please post a reply to this thread including the office you are interested in holding. I will update this post with nominees next to the office listed below and we will assemble a ballot by December 1st and have an email address open for voting at that time. Winners will be announced January 1st.

If you want to nominate someone else for a position, please ask if they are interested before doing so. If they are interested, nominate them here and they will be added to the list.

Please note, EVERYONE can nominate and EVERYONE can vote … not just the “oldtimers”. It is YOUR organization … please take part …

The current nominees for the officers positions are: (Check back here later for updates)

President : flyingmoose
Vice-President: Serrabou
Public Relations: BugLady1
Treasurer: Nemo Consequentia, KanukGirl
Secretary: TeamObbie1

If you have any questions, please post them here or contact me offline.

cphug184 (Chris)

NoVAGO’s Fall into Geocaching Event

Hear ye!!  Hear ye!!  Come one, come all…NoVAGO’s “Fall into Geocaching” Event is scheduled for Sunday, November 21st 2010, at Occoquan Regional Park.  If you’ve attended a NoVAGO seasonal event before…well, you know what a great time it will be, if you’ve never attended…then here’s your chance to experience NoVAGO at its very best!! A special invitation is extended to the new members of NoVAGO…come on out and put faces to names…this is a perfect way to do it.  Good food, good friends, and a darn good time guaranteed!!!. The event page has been published (GC2EVEX).  There are quite a few existing caches in the park, and even more next door in Laurel Hills Park.  Talk it up, plan to attend, and get ready for a great time….see you there!!

Brambleton Fall Festival Cacher’s Corner

The Brambleton Fall Festival includes a Geocaching Event!!!   They have set up a special area at the Brambleton Welcome Center for cachers to meet at the Fall Festival that will run from 4-7 pm on Saturday, October 9th 2010.
There will be snacks and drinks, and bathroom facilities available as well. There will be plenty of fun for the entire family. This will be the launch date for several new cache’s in the community, and we will have limited edition Geocoins available to the first 90 people to locate all these new cache’s and return to the Cacher’s Corner with the passwords from the cache’s. Feel free to bring friends, as we’re planning on introducing many new people to Geocaching at this event.

Mountain Trailmasters

Title: Mountain Trailmasters
Location: Sky Meadows State Park
Link out: Click here
Description: Like a good walk? Enjoy exploring the forests, mountains and trails? Here is the popular Occoquan and Potomac Trailmasters series redux except using trails and caches along the Shenandoah and the surrounding Mountains.

Calling all Mountain Trailmasters to meet with fellow hiking enthusiasts. Enjoy a chance to talk to others about some of the great caches, hikes and experiences you have had while walking the parks and trails in the foothills of the Appalachians.

Where: Sky Meadows State Park
Date: Saturday, October 23, 2010
When: 11:00

There are many trails along the foothills of the Appalachians including Sky Meadows, Wildcat Mountain, Shenandoah, and the George Washington Forest These parks and caches overlook the trade routes of Native Americans and early settlers, were surveyed by George Washington, bore witness to epic battles of the American Civil War and now serve as an area of beauty and escape for the Trailmasters. How many of these trails and parks do you know? We have assigned a subjective (and arbitrary) point value to each of the caches in this general area. Can you get 50 points before the event? 100 points? How many do you have now?
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2010-10-23

Wolf Run Shoals CITO

Title: Wolf Run Shoals CITO
Location: End of Wolf Shoals Road
Link out: Click here
Description: If you missed the last CITO we hosted, this is your chance to come visit another gem of an area accessed by the Bull Run/Occoquan “Blue” Trail. We will meet at the posted coordinates, chat for a few minutes, and then head out on the trail for a few hours of cleanup. We will convene back at parking and have some refreshments.
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2010-09-11