Introducing NoVAGO Meet-Greet-and-Chats!

Come one and all!

Starting this Thursday, September 26, NoVAGO will begin hosting regular online meet-and-greets.


Thursday evenings (beginning September 26th).

The first week we’ll schedule the chat from 7 to 8 pm, and then adjust things earlier/later as needed.

Our venue for the gathering is the mini-chat on the forum front page.

Who can participate?
Anyone! Regular posters, quiet lurkers, newbies, oldbies…all are welcome to stop by and say hello.

We look forward to “seeing” you on Thursdays!

NoVAGO’s Fall Fête 2013


Mark your calendars … Spread the word …

The date for NoVAGO’s Fall Fête is fixed.

Flock to Lake Fairfax on Saturday November 2nd

For a fantastic fall filled with …

Fun festivities, fabulous food, and friends …

Keep your eyes pealed for the official web page which should be out soon.

Hoping to see you there …

DNF versus Needs Maintenance

DNF_NMSo what do you do when you are out in the field and cannot find a cache ??

Well, if you are out on your own or with others who have not found the cache, you should be logging the attempt as a DNF (Did not Find). The DNF is a tool that is used by the cache owner (CO) to help them to maintain their caches. Several DNFs in a row are a strong indicator that there is something amiss with a cache. Of course, the other possibility is that the cache is very well hidden and is just not being found. In either case, it is the cache owner’s responsibility to check on it and verify it is in place or fix it if it is not.

So how does a Needs Maintenance Log fit into the picture ??

The requirement for a Needs Maintenance log comes in a couple flavors … First is when a previous finder is present and can verify that the container is actually missing. In this case, it probably is missing and could use a verification by the CO before others go out and spend time looking for it.

The second case is when you actually find a cache and it is damaged or in need of some TLC. This case includes the hiding place may be compromised, the log is full or wet or maybe the container was found strewn all over the area. In this case it is visibly in need of CO intervention.

The bottom line, is that just because you cannot find a cache, does not mean it is not there …

Now, what can you do to help out ?? You can carry some simple cache maintenance things in your caching bag. These could include duct tape to try to patch cracked or broken containers, various size logs, and even some small or micro containers if you have the room.

One thing that is appreciated by almost all cache owners is when you carry spare logs in your caching bag to use as replacements for wet or full logs. By replacing or adding additional paper to the logs, you enable future finders to sign the log and it helps the CO to schedule a maintenance visit to verify that everything else is ok with the cache and placement.

These few tips and tricks are some of the things we can all do to make caching more fun for everyone. See you on the trails …


Summer Soirée Schedule Updates

NoVAGO SummerIt looks like a full day shaping up for the Summer Soiree. Bike rides, caching games, a GPS Track Art Contest, socializing, caches in the park, and an Ice Cream Social to cool off at the end of the day.

Please go to the event web pages for specific details; a summary of the festivities is included below.

Start your day off at 9AM with a morning bike ride along the WO&D Trail. A leisurely ride from Purcellville to Clarke’s Gap, the highest point on the bike trail.
GC4H526 – End of the Line to Top of the Line – Sunrise

Around 10AM, we will begin gathering at Franklin Park for some mingling, chatting and kicking off the icebreaker. After a brief welcome and some introductions, the real socializing begins 😉

We will start the Silent Auction, hand out coordinates for the new caches in the park and start the caching games. Game updates and auction bidding will be open throughout the day.

We will fire up the grills and have lunch beginning at 11:30. As mentioned, burgers and dogs will be provided by NoVAGO. You just need to bring a covered dish and your appetite…

Around 1:30 the Officers and Directors will be available to chat about anything and everything NoVAGO. Come tell us what you think. What do you want NoVAGO to be? What is NoVAGO doing right? Or wrong? What can we do to make things better for everyone?

Mid-afternoon, we will have a Group Photo and after will be time for one last chance to enter the GPS Track Art contest and put in your bids for the Silent Auction. At 3PM, all prize winners will be announced.

If you missed the morning ride or want to join in for a second, at 4PM is another chance to ride the WO&D A leisurely ride from Purcellville to Clarke’s Gap, the highest point on the bike trail.
GC4H54J – End of the Line to Top of the Line – Sunset

And to end your day with a cool treat, join us for ice cream at the Caching Day Cool Down event – GC4HBER.

Hope to see everyone there. It’s looking like a lot of fun for all.

2013 Summer Soiree is almost here

DSC03321Less than three weeks to the summer event. Looking forward to caches in the park, visiting with old friends and making new ones. Lots of stories to tell, awesome caches to add to the to do lists and maybe even some puzzle solutions along the way.

Plans are in the works for 8-10 new caches and maybe a puzzle or two … not to mention some of those Munzee things for those who partake 😉

We have a large pavilion reserved and sounds like some tasty ribs in adGrillingdition to the burgers and dogs. Always good eats with the pot luck specialties.

Make sure your calendar is marked, bring your caching shoes and appetite … look forward to a great summer day in the park. And of course there are loads of other caches in the local vicinity just waiting to be found.

See you there …

2013 Summer Soiree Silent Auction and Donations

– Willing to offer up a Rufn jeepcache hint or puzzle solution?

– Willing to give a guided tour of one of your caches?

– Do you specialize in crafting some unique item?

– Have cache containers or geocoins laying around?

– Have something that might be great swag to a cacher?

If you answered, yes, to any of the above, NoVAGO encourages you to consider donating to the Summer Auction…

As most of you know, NoVAGO does not charge dues, but instead holds several fund raisers throughout the year.  Our main fundraiser is the summer silent auction. Please see the forum post for a description of what a silent auction is and how it is run, I will not go into that here.

If you have an item or items that you’d like to donate, please contact me (dave — rufnredy) or any officer off-line either via e-mail, or PM through the forum…describe the item, and state your opening bid if you desire to have one.  Please do not post the information publicly in the forums as we have traditionally kept the donations anonymous (except for puzzle solutions and escorted trips which are pretty hard not to identify).

We do not need to have the item in hand immediately, it can be brought to the event, but we do need a description and your minimum requested bid for the item (if you have one) so we can write up the auction pages for each item before hand.

We will update the forum post with a list of donated items as we get them.