2013 Summer Soiree is almost here

DSC03321Less than three weeks to the summer event. Looking forward to caches in the park, visiting with old friends and making new ones. Lots of stories to tell, awesome caches to add to the to do lists and maybe even some puzzle solutions along the way.

Plans are in the works for 8-10 new caches and maybe a puzzle or two … not to mention some of those Munzee things for those who partake 😉

We have a large pavilion reserved and sounds like some tasty ribs in adGrillingdition to the burgers and dogs. Always good eats with the pot luck specialties.

Make sure your calendar is marked, bring your caching shoes and appetite … look forward to a great summer day in the park. And of course there are loads of other caches in the local vicinity just waiting to be found.

See you there …

2013 Summer Soiree Silent Auction and Donations

– Willing to offer up a Rufn jeepcache hint or puzzle solution?

– Willing to give a guided tour of one of your caches?

– Do you specialize in crafting some unique item?

– Have cache containers or geocoins laying around?

– Have something that might be great swag to a cacher?

If you answered, yes, to any of the above, NoVAGO encourages you to consider donating to the Summer Auction…

As most of you know, NoVAGO does not charge dues, but instead holds several fund raisers throughout the year.  Our main fundraiser is the summer silent auction. Please see the forum post for a description of what a silent auction is and how it is run, I will not go into that here.

If you have an item or items that you’d like to donate, please contact me (dave — rufnredy) or any officer off-line either via e-mail, or PM through the forum…describe the item, and state your opening bid if you desire to have one.  Please do not post the information publicly in the forums as we have traditionally kept the donations anonymous (except for puzzle solutions and escorted trips which are pretty hard not to identify).

We do not need to have the item in hand immediately, it can be brought to the event, but we do need a description and your minimum requested bid for the item (if you have one) so we can write up the auction pages for each item before hand.

We will update the forum post with a list of donated items as we get them.

Upcoming Geocaching 101 Class Dates …

Rufn jeepHere is the list of the upcoming Geocaching Class Dates. NoVAGO is hosting these classes at the various libraries and has developed a powerpoint presentation that is easy to follow and provides the basic information needed to let new comers be a part of our caching community. What we need is you … If you can help out either as a presenter … just talking about geocaching or as a helper following students around with NoVAGO provided GPS units let us know …

KanukGirl, Schwandt, HokieCachers and ItMustBeJames have already presented the classes and if you have any questions or concerns about your ability to do it, please contact them They had a blast and highly recommend the experience to everyone …

The classes and locations are:

Thursday, June 27, 2013       Walter Reed Senior Center 1:00 PM

Saturday, June 29, 2013         Sterling Library 2:00 PM

Saturday, July 06, 2013         Ashburn Library 2:00 PM

Wednesday, July 10, 2013     Rust Library Leesburg 3:00 PM

Saturday, July 13, 2013         Lovettesville Library 2:00 PM

Saturday, July 27, 2013        Purcellville Library 2:00 PM

August/Sept                               Woodbridge Senior Center Morning

Saturday, August 24,2013    Camp Snyder Boy Scouts all day ??

Hope to hear from you and see you at one of the classes …

The Summer Event is Here … Mark your Calendars

Rufn jeepNoVAGO’s summer event has been booked. We will be in Purcellville at the Hillsboro Pavillion on Sunday August 11. We have the pavilion all day and will be looking at a pot luck lunch, new caches in the park, and a silent auction.

Speaking of Silent Auctions, we will be posting requests for donations for the auction. In the past we have had everything from signature NoVAGO items to GPSs to coins and assistance with puzzle solutions. Please think of what you may have to donate to the cause. This is our main fundraiser and helps cover the cost of venues and meats etc for the quarterly events.

Be on the lookout for the event page to publish, should be soon … But be sure anyway to mark your calendars and plan on a day of socializing, caching, grabbing puzzle hints, and generally having a good time …

Is it August yet ??? Can’t wait …

See you there …


Give Back to Caching

Rufn jeepAs we are working our way into June, we are in need of volunteers to hold Geocaching 101 classes and walk around assisting while the students test their new skills.  In addition to class help, NoVAGO needs all kinds of volunteers to support our ongoing community efforts and quarterly events.  Are you good at Organizing?  Speaking?  Heavy Labor? Finding Caches?   We can use each and every one of you and your talents.

To this end, we have scheduled NoVAGO’s Spring Volunteer Fair on Sunday May 19th. We will be demonstrating how easy it is to give the Geocaching 101 class (you know how to cache so you know all of this stuff already).  We will be looking for some much needed help and will be talking about opportunities to assist making caching more fun for everyone.

Come by the Reston Library (11925 Bowman Towne Drive) on Sunday afternoon between 3:30-5:00 to learn more and pick up a smilie!  See http://coord.info/GC4BDDA for more information.  No worries, you will not be pressured to volunteer but you may just hear about something you are interested in doing.

The classes are really a lot of fun to do and provide a chance to give something back to the community and the sport we all love .  We will have a list of classes and locations available and hope to fill some spots during the afternoon.

Please mark your calendar and try to attend Sunday afternoon and help us to help you and the community.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of folks …

PS … These classes also provide an opportunity for volunteer hours that may be required by school, scouts, or other organizations …

Some Random Thoughts …

Spring is here … weatRufn jeepher is warming up and the various critters that have been sleeping are now stirring and becoming more active ..

Was on the Eastern Shore this weekend and moved a rock to find a little snake … BE CAREFUL … we have had a couple of poisonous snake bites in the last couple years and surely do not need any more …

Along those lines, the poison ivy is starting up its activity … if you don’t know what it looks like google it and read up … Spring is a time when tender leaves and stalks are tender and if you break one you may well be affected …

And of course … several ticks were spotted this weekend … be aware of them and make sure you do thorough tick checks when you return from a caching trip … those itsy bitsy ones are especially hard to spot …

Enjoy the weather and get out before it gets too hot 😉
But be aware and be careful …