OLYMPIAD2020 Closing Ceremonies


On Saturday, April 24, 2021, the Olympiad Games in Northern Virginia came to an end with a closing ceremony that ran for about two hours. Medalists from South Korea, Jamaica, and Greece met at a private ceremony held in Woodbridge, VA to receive their prizes.

NOC President Zippyfinn (lright) awards Nothereeither his medal.

The nature of the Olympics shifted significantly from the original plan, and the distribution of the 50 medals had to be changed.  While there are Olympians who went above and beyond in their quest for magnets, limits had to set for real medals to one per person for the general medal hunt.  Geocachers who won a photo category received a medal and a trackable for their winning photo.

DePhogration of the South Korean Team displays his Gold Medal and poses with the Olympiad2020 Torch.

The president of the NoVAGO Olympiad Committee (NOC), Zippyfinn, used her speech to praise the cacheletes from all three competing teams for their good sportsmanship, great logs, and zany cache photos. After the official medal distribution was complete, the NOC president declared the 2020 Olympiad Games closed.

Team Greece member CherokeeThree accepted these two medals on behalf of Cache Boss


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