NoVAGO’s 4th Annual Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event

Summer has passed and fall is on the way. Come and help us celebrate the turning of the seasons by attending NoVAGO’s last major event of 2018.

Be sure to log your “will-attend” as early as possible to ensure that we have enough food for the masses.  Attendees are encouraged to bring your favorite pot luck dish, all we ask is that you list what you are bringing in your “will attend” log so that others won’t bring in a similar dish.  As with all of our picnics NoVAGO will be supplying the charcoal, hamburgers, hot dogs, plates, and condiments.

Saturday, October 27, 2018 (11:00 am – 3 pm)

Nottoway Park

9601 Courthouse Rd

Vienna, VA 22181

The silent auction will be going on throughout the event, so come and bid on the many cool items that will be up for auction! Our annual auction is NoVAGO’s main source of income. If you have any donations of items, please let NoVAGO know. We hope to see you all there, and look forward to finishing the year on a high note!

Click Here for a updated list of current auction items.

This is NoVAGO’s primary fund raiser, and it allows us to pay for CITO materials, event pavilion rentals, and furnish the burgers, dogs, and sausages for each of our seasonal events, and covers our web hosting fees.  For more information read How NoVAGO uses its budget

Our team is working on putting the final touches on the full schedule, events, food, and geocaches so please check back for updates on the various activities.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

Burke Lake park is asking for NoVAGO members to volunteer time to work with Burke Lake park on their Black Friday scavenger hunt.  For more information contact us at

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I am Marylander who moved to NoVA back in 2006. I found one geocache in 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that I really became a geocacher. I served as a director for NoVAGO in 2014, and have been the Public Affairs Officer since 2016.

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