NoVAGO’s 2019 Geocache Awards — Nominees

NoVAGO’s 2019 Geocache Awards

Listed below are the caches and cachers nominated by their peers for awards for 2019. Thanks very much to those of you who took the time to send in nominations!

All curious and avid NoVAGO cachers (that’s you!) are encouraged to visit as many of the nominated caches as possible before voting.  Here is a bookmark list of the nominated caches. Go get ’em!

Voting will begin immediately and continue until April 22.  Voting is open to all NoVAGO members. Ballot is hosted on a Google Form. If you encounter any problems or have any questions please send an email to If you vote early and then change your mind, simply fill out another ballot. Your most recent submission will be counted. You do not need to have found a cache to vote for it.


Winners will be announced at NoVAGO’s 2020 Spring Event, Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Without further ado, here are the nominees:

Best Theme/Series (three or more caches in a series or that share a common theme)
Studio Ghibli by CWillyPngn (6 caches)
Park and Solve by rlobecker (4 caches)
Congressional Medal of Honor by pwesleynd93 (25 caches)
Wigging Out Over Board Games by Awesnap and MJBinski (17 caches)
Unlaced by Serrabou and ZippyFinn (6 caches)

Best Kids Cache
Duck Hunt (Kid Friendly) by Morpheus1977
Bisonbot by CWillyPngn
Totoro Forest by CWillyPngn
Hanging Around the Beatley Central Library by Awesnap
Catnip Scramble by CWillyPngn

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
UNLACED: I Can’t Quit You Baby by Serrabou
Goldfish Princess by CWillyPngn
UNLACED: Chim Chim Cher-ee by Serrabou
Chopawamsic Island by Luv4VA
Leesburg Hidden Art #1: Discover the Charm by hrothroc

Most Creative Cache
In Memory of Dr Tooth A Magical-Mystery Bird House by robbitandpaul
Duck Hunt (Kid Friendly) by Morpheus1977
UNLACED: Rub sOMe BACON on I† by Serrabou
Park & Solve, Hilltop Village Center by rlobecker
Anything for the Kids: Impromptu by topazfae

Most Physically Challenging to Find
The Perilous Tree Climb of Awesnap by Awesnap
Rocky Road by T_N_C
The Goonies Underworld Adventure by Luv4VA
Chopawamsic Island by Luv4VA
World 1-2 by Luv4VA

Best Historical/Educational Cache
Victorian Memories at Ivy Hill Cemetery by kusunflower
Hall’s Hill Wall by Bocco
Hedges Run by topazfae
Oorah! USMC Adventure Lab BONUS by Awesnap
The church that moved an interstate highway by freddiecrs

Best Camouflage
LPB Not just for Arlingtonians by angryguy
Braddock Road…but which one? (Resurrected) by pwesleynd93
Kings Park Forever by NetworkCacher
Van Gogh Bridge by TheUnstealthy Monkey
Not just a collab by alb27 & Johnotone

Best Multi-Stage Cache
Soot Sprites Delight by CWillyPngn
The Zombies are Coming! by thesharkjonas
UNLACED: Space Oddity by Serrabou
Magic Map by rlobecker
The Chinn Park Regional Library by Awesnap

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache
Following the Leader by Jess and Wipps
The Kodama Tree by CWillyPngn
UNLACED: Rockit by Serrabou
First Camera by rlobecker
Anything for the Kids: Impromptu by topazfae

Best Traditional
AGBH – CC Water Park by angryguy
GMSGC by pwesleynd93
MAGC-6 by pwesleynd93
Kings Park Forever by NetworkCacher
The Curse Of Height-Challenged People by topazfae

Best Letterbox Hybrid
Ode to The Holy Grail by MJBinski
Catnip Scramble by CWillyPngn
The Goonies Underworld Adventure by Luv4VA
World 1-2 by Luv4VA

Best Other (Earthcache, Whereigo, Event, Virtual)
Take a Dip in Neabsco Creek by kiisikwa
Petrified in Prince William Forest Park by Awesnap
Indiana Limestone and the Temple of Books by Awesnap
Taylor Hotel (Civil War) by wallmeister22601
SURVIVOR18: The Vote by ZippyFinn

Best CITO (Cache In, Trash Out)
NoVAGO Summer CITO for Veterans by DePhogration
Occoquan Fall River CITO by DePhogration
Yo Momma Says Clean Up Moore by Nothereeither
North Springfield Park CITO by Aronel
Mayfield Fort CITO VI by Awesnap
Featherstone Elementary CITO by Awesnap


Best Log

Jumped like the dickens! by QUE3NBE3

Kayak pub crawl by ZippyFinn

Mission Impossible trapeze by jemcjb

My jacked-up twinge-y knee by ZippyFinn

Three weirdos on a beach by MJBinski

Each of the stops led to much jubilee by Hooclass2002

Best Photo

Bug Eyed by CWillyPngn

Cement Ghosts by DePhogration

GeoSurrealism by rlobecker

Hanging Out by xBWx

Iced Over by DePhogration

Light at the End of the Tunnel by TopazFae

Luray Rainbow by seadog129

Has anyone seen Mike Wazowski? by mcgmarauders

Post Flood River Icicles by Serrabou

Puddles by ZippyFinn

Sandbar by ZippyFinn

Shenandoah Arc by ZippyFinn

Vultures on the Farm by freddiecrs

You Woke Me Up! by seadog129

Rookie of the Year

Best Volunteer

Cacher of the Year
TheUnstealthy Monkey

Cache of the Year
Oorah! USMC Adventure Lab BONUS by Awesnap
Ode to The Holy Grail by MJBinski
Park & Solve, Hilltop Village Center by rlobecker
Catnip Scramble by CWillyPngn

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Cache owners of nominated caches, as well as nominated cachers and log-writers, can add this cool logo to their cache pages and/or profiles as they see fit:

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