NoVAGO’s 12 Days of Cachemas


Six Cachemas notifications, six days in a row.
What, where, and when will the next one show?

6 G33k$ a Pl@ying:

5 Golden Rings:

4 Velvet Elvises:

3 Runaway Hens:

2 Lumps of Coal:

1 Bison in a Pine Tree??

Yes, Cachemas is in full swing in NoVAGO!  

Our elves have been busy hiding and our cachers busy searching!

What will the 7th day bring?  Or the 8th or the 9th?
Sorry, each is still concealed until the morning’s first light. 😉

Checking your notifications when you leap out of bed,
six caches may have published, but there are six more ahead!

Are you worried there’s a notification you may have missed?
Well, you can keep track of everything on this handy list.   🙂

When you make each find, do keep track of each clue,
for on January 1st there will be a bonus you’ll want to pursue!

Twelve days of Cachemas; twelve days of new hides…
We do hope you are enjoying the fun Cachemas provides! 🙂

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