NoVAGO SURVIVOR18 Approaching the MERGE!

The Rooster is ready to play. He left the Mattaponi & Patawomeck tribes this message:

The Merge is upon us, Survivors. You have 11 days to get your affairs in order before its release.

If you wish to play for the position of sole survivor, please declare your tribe by November 29th. The first five members of each tribe (Mattaponi & Patawomeck) that log the merge cache and have found all other SURVIVOR18 caches will become formal members of the merge tribe.

SP4FUN is a member by virtue of the Immunity Necklace
Serrabou is a member by winning the Eating Challenge.

Please see the rules as they stand CLICK HERE!

Serrabou has compiled a handy spreadsheet so that you may see current tribe progress CLICK HERE!

We would like to see everyone enjoying themselves, so please reach out to the CO’s if you are stuck! I’ll also have time over the Thanksgiving Break. If you are new, inexperienced or nervous about terrain or puzzles, let me know here or via (ZippyFinn) and we can organize a group outing and work through some of the caches together.

Cache on, Survivors!

The SURVIVOR18 geocaches so far:

SURVIVOR18: Tribes

SURVIVOR18: Loftridge Tree Mail

SURVIVOR18: Purgatorio

SURVIVOR 18: The Lost Road

SURVIVOR18: Puzzle Challenge

SURVIVOR18: Suburbia

SURVIVOR18: The Boston Rob Conspiracy

SURVIVOR18: Cockpit Point

SURVIVOR18: Mayfield Earthwork Fort

SURVIVOR18: Culper Spy Ring

SURVIVOR18: Lowering the Bar

SURVIVOR18: Merge | Chickahominy

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Originally from Southern Maryland, I moved to Northern Virginia in 2006 where I discovered geocaching in 4 years later. I have been directly involved with the "goings ons" of NoVAGO since 2014 as a director, and I was the Public Affairs Officer for 4 years from January 2016 to December 2019.

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