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NoVAGO is pleased to announce that a new series will begin on October 24th. 15 hiders will publish Olympic caches and cachers will be able to earn a medal for their country in several ways. But first, you need a country!

Country bibs (Greece / South Korea / Jamaica) will be distributed at the NoVAGO Fall Event on October 24th ( with some satellite distribution points prior for those who can’t or don’t want to attend that event.

The first satellite distribution can be found here:

The second satellite distribution can be found here:

Geocaching HQ has also agreed to judge photos taken at each cache, but you gotta have a bib to win!

More details as we approach the Opening Ceremony!


NoVAGO OLYMPIAD2020 — 4 Comments

  1. Put me down for Team Jamaica 🙂

    Looks like I *shouldn’t* go to the fall event 🙁 as much as I reeeeeeeally want to, so I’ll get my bib at a satellite – most likely the one in Sterling, as that’s closer to me than the second one.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Zippy!

  2. OLYMPIAD2020: Olympic Magnetic Medal #2 location release!
    Use the story below to track down the location of the next hidden gold medal (D2.5/T1.5; 24/7). The first person to find it keeps it (that’s right, take it, it’s yours!) and scores a medal win for their country. When found, please snap a photo (let’s see those bibs) and reply here to let everyone know.
    Medal #2: Canine Detective
    Just as Roo and I left the Pet Smart at Fair Lakes, a guy in a GMC pickup truck waved us over. “Howdy! Say, while I was waiting to turn left at a traffic light just a bit ago, I saw a puppy that looked like he might want to play with yer dog. Go check it out!”
    Amazingly, he had been following the Google Street View car (go figure!) Plop yourself down in street view in front of the store and find his dark blue GMC truck. Then “follow” him backwards in time until he is sitting at a light for a while waiting to turn left. At that point, pan around to spot Roo’s potential play date…and go grab the medal!
    Hide hint: the sun doesn’t shine here

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