NoVAGO 2010 Cache & Cacher Award Honorees

NoVAGO peers selected the following caches and cachers for recognition as the best of the best for 2010.  The announcement was made yesterday at the NoVAGO Spring Event at the Blue Ridge Center.  A big CONGRATULATIONS to those cache owners, and individuals so honored…and a big THANK YOU on behalf of NoVAGO for the contributions you’ve made to keep this pastime so enjoyable for all of us.  Please remember to thank and congratulate them when you see them on the trail, or at a future event.

Best Theme/Series
Alien Invaders by Buglady1 (GC2HHE8 GC2HG5X GC2HHVZ GC2JE0D GC2JE3B)

Best Kids Cache
Fishy Canyon by Ty (of team Serrabou) (GC2FV5Q)

Best Location Cache
Uncached Territory by mapman132 (GC238VA)

Best Hike
Serrabou Cove by Serrabou (GC2895Q)

Best History-Related Cache (TIE)
The 3 R’s 1897 Style by 2Wheel’in (GC25JGA)
Stratford Junior High (Custis Trail Series) by LostDogsArlington (GC2KG0M)

Best Multi-Stage Cache
VSP Sky Meadows Wildlife Adventures by KJcachers (GC24TDY)

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache
What’s My Sign? by nighthawk700 (GC2GBTG)

Most Creative Cache
What’s My Sign? by nighthawk700 (GC2GBTG)

Most Challenging to Find
LAUREL LEAVES are beautiful this time of year by reedkickball (GC2GF43)

Best Log
reedkickball – Trev’s “InSaNe II” Cache (GCW5RZ)

Best Picture
reedkickball – Nice Waterfall, but where does the water come from? (GC1FD0G)

Cache of the Year
366 Days of Caching- The Long, Long Road by cphug184 (GC2BN10)

Rookie of the Year

Cacher of the Year (TIE)
Nemo Consequentia

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