Introducing NoVAGO Spotlight Questions

On August 21, 2017 the first NoVAGO Spotlight Question was been published in the forums.

Last month NoVAGO sent out an email of 5 questions to about 50 of its members old and new on 5 different topics of geocaching.  In the email it said “I am asking 5 questions and just answer with a paragraph, a few sentences, or not at all.  You can be funny (but honest), serious, scary, or whatever.  Then I will pick one question and share everyone’s answers to it in the forums.”  These “rapid quick fire questions” ranged from scary stories, to recent fantastic caches found, and police encounters while out geocaching.

Hopes were that we would here from both members old and new.  Some of our members were spotlighted almost a decade ago, so this was great way to get their voices and wisdom back into the forums in a fun way.

This month’s Spotlight Question you can read all about some of our members most memorable encounters with BEES while geocaching!

If you did not get questioned and would like to please contact Awesnap via his email, facebook, or in the CONTACT US link on this website.

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