Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event Was a Spooktacular Success

Photo Courtesy of Effstop


The last big event of 2017 is over.  The weather was a perfect 70 degrees, the food was plentiful, and plenty of smiles filled the pavilion. Other than the swarm of uninvited yellow jackets everything else was about perfect.

The NoVAGO Lab Cache experience was a huge hit with the attendees, as well was the long awaited return of the event Icebreaker.

Until now, I hadn’t really cared for the Lab Caches but I think NoVAGO did them right!” wrote JPWAVE “Nice job!! Really enjoyed the “NoVAGO Graveyard: Tombstones” Lab Cache!!

Loved all the lab caches but the cool thing I loved most was the ice breaker game turned into coordinated for it’s own cache! Nothing in the world better than that!” wrote Sassyinmyheart “AND it gets you to meet all the new faces and see some accomplishments that old faces have conquered!

The pavilion emptied out for geocaching mid event but the crowds returned in time for the Auction, 50/50, and Pick a Prize drawings.  By the end of the event the logbook had over 50 geo-names scribed or stamped on it.

This was one of the biggest fundraisers we have ever had.  The NoVAGO officers want to express their tremendous gratitude for NoVAGO members and friends for their contributions to make all of these NoVAGO events possible.

Also the officers and directors want to thank all for attending and making this event a huge success.  We also would like to thank Plato Addict, Zippy Finn, Schwandt, and Serrabou for the awesome Lab Cache experience.  We also want to thank Cwillypngn for continuing to build good will with the park and for placing the Icebreaker.

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