First Class of 2018 Kicks Off NoVAGO’s New Direction of Hosting Educational Events

Awesnap at the head of the class. Photos by Effstop

On Saturday February 3, 2018 thirty geocachers piled into a classroom for Awesnap’s Planning a Geocaching Road Trip Class. Our new President, platoaddict , want’s 2018 to be the year NoVAGO host’s more educational events.  On the horizon there are plans to host classes on a variety of subjects including GSAK, puzzle solving,, earthcaching 101, and a basic cache page creation class.

The Geocaching Road Trip class was held in Prince William County at the Chinn Library.  Awesnap’s presentation covered the basics of distance caching, selecting target geocaches, routing, project.gc, and a quick introduction to

JPWAVE wrote in his log “I learned quite a bit more than I expected!! Yeah, I may do things in my own fashion but it’s really nice to see other options and new webtools which may be more efficient. EXCELLENT class!! Really looking forward to using these tips on our next road trip!”

Ezio10 wrote “Learned quite a bit from the presentation, particularly the features from Project GC and a site I never I heard of before, cachetur.

A few NoVAGO members who missed the class expressed interest in the seeing the power point so we have attached it here for you to download: Roadtrip Class Power Point

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I am Marylander who moved to NoVA back in 2006. I found one geocache in 2010, but it wasn't until 2012 that I really became a geocacher. I served as a director for NoVAGO in 2014, and have been the Public Affairs Officer since 2016.

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