Fall Auction List

NoVAGO’s 3rd Annual Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event

October 28th is is quickly approaching and with that comes our annual Fall Event and Auction.  This auction is what sets up NoVAGO’s operating budget for the following year.  Please remember that donations benefit NoVAGO directly. This is NoVAGO’s primary fund raiser, and it allows us to pay for CITO materials, event pavilion rentals, and furnish the burgers, dogs, and sauctionausages for each of our seasonal events, and covers our web hosting fees.

If you have an item you’d like to donate, please contact Awesnap via a message on gc.com, e-mail, or even Facebook.  Please describe the item, and state your silent auction opening bid if you desire to have one. Pictures are great as well! You are welcome to donate anonymously if you so desire. If you’d prefer, you may also contact any of the other officers. 

Here’s the Silent Auction Catalog, I will continually update the list to add items as they are donated/received:

Awesnap – 84 Different Path Tags that will be sold in 4 groups of 21.

Awesnap – Virginia DeLorme Atlas

Awesnap – Unactivated Geowoodstock 15 Geocoin

Awesnap – Will custom hand carve three Letter Box Stamps  

DePhogration – Two home made bamboo walking sticks

DePhogration – GX Proxy swag

Cache Clown 76 – One custom Wherigo Build

CWillyPngn – One custom Wherigo Build

HooClass2002 – Personalized Kayak Tour of X Marks the Spot

Pirate Rat – Two Western Safety Swivel Lens Headlamps

Pirate Rat – Magellan eXplrist 510 GPS

Pirate Rat – Garmin Etrex 10 GPS

Serrabou – 1 Serrabou Puzzle Solve or Escorted Toponaught Adventure or another Serrabou Cache Outing

MrPsyduck & hrothroc – Complete Idiots Guide to Geocaching book

MrPsyduck & hrothroc – Geocaching Starter Kit (Lock’n’lock container, 2 TB’s, 2 bisons, a geocache label, 2 of my homemade log rollers, and more)



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