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March 2018: freddiecrs

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1. Tell us about your caching name.
That’s the most boring story ever. It is the email name I was given for my first work email account.

2. How were you introduced to Geocaching and what was the first cache you found?

A colleague at work did a team building exercise and took our team to do some of the Smithsonian caches. I was unable to attend so I tried it out on my own. At the same time, I was involved in a step challenge at work. I combined the two and I was hooked after that. My very first cache was Hungry Hungry Hippo in DC. I had no idea for what I was looking. I read something about a lot of muggles, which I had no idea about, but it made think I needed to go where there were a lot of people around and I found the cache.

3. Tell us about your receiver and any other “tools” (hardware and software) that help you cache..

I mostly use my tablet. I’m old and my eyes don’t work as well as they used to so I like the large screen and that I can blow it up. I use my phone in a pinch. I have a GPS, but I don’t know how to use it.

4. What essential items do you always carry in your cache bag?

I have my geocaching bag that I carry around with me everywhere. It has tweezers, spare containers and logs, pens and pencils, tissues, lip balm, hair ties, reading glasses, all the essentials. For Christmas, I received a bracelet that has a cutting tool, a whistle, a wrench, a compass, and is made out of parachute cord, in case I need a rope.

5. Do you trade items in and out of caches?

I have items in my geocaching bag, but I don’t typically trade items. I keep the items in case one of my grandchildren, grandnieces, or grandnephews are with me and they want something. I learned my lesson the first time I went caching with my grandson. He saw something he wanted in the container and when I took it to put it back he screamed and screamed. He was only 9 months at the time.

6. Do you have any signature items or ones in the works?

No, I’ve tried to figure out pathtags but couldn’t. I plan to try again someday.

7. What is your favorite thing about caching?

I have always loved the outdoors. Caching gives the motivation to do it more often. It gets me out there when I otherwise might think it’s too hot or too cold.

8. Do you cache by yourself or with another person? How often do you go caching?

I typically cache by myself because I do it very spur of the moment, whenever I can squeeze in a little time. I have dragged my sisters and friends around with before, especially when I was getting my 366 days. Mostly, I make my muggle beau, Steve, go with me. I tell him that I have caches to get in a park that would be perfect for us to let the dogs run a little. He usually falls for that.

9. What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle, virtual etc.)?
My favorite caches are any that are unusual, either in the story line, the solving of the puzzle, the sights I see while going after the cache. I go for them all.

10. Tell us about your favorite cache.
I have a couple. I love ‘till Death Do Us Part at Smith Mountain Lake. The whole set is really unique. GC45H4X The Skyhook Challenge is another favorite.

11. Tell us about a memorable caching experience that you have had.

Ha! Okay, it’s a doozie.

I received a funny email from someone wanting me to find a cache in DC. I was very apprehensive about, being new to the game. I talked it over with my work friend who turned me on to geocaching. She agreed to go with me to attempt to find the US part of NZ around the world, a 3 continent cache. MarMiz in New Zealand and Vooruit! In the Netherlands were my counterparts.

The coordinates took me to the fence surrounding the U.S Naval Observatory, which is also the home of our vice presidents (in case anyone didn’t know). My friend and I proceeded to search around the fence, when we were approached by a Secret Service Officer. He questioned us about what we doing. My poor friend was convinced we were going to be arrested. “You haven’t done anything wrong!” I said “They can detain us but they can’t arrest us!” She is a very innocent, young girl from Minnesota and had never been in trouble before. She started crying which softened up the Secret Service guy. It seems that Joe Biden was on his way home and having two strange women poking around his fence was cause for alarm.

He detained us for questioning, called in his supervisor, and a couple of other Secret Service guys to process us. After an hour and a half of explaining (to what ended up being seven Secret Service officers!) what geocaching is they finally determined that we weren't a threat. They said we could leave but as we started walking away (we parked at DuPont Circle and cached our way over) three of the officers stopped us. “You can’t just leave after all that.” They said “We want to help you look for the geocache.” All of it was to no avail. Later I asked for and received a few more hints from the CO, and we went back the next day and found it easy just outside the NZ embassy, duh.

12. How many states and countries have you cached in?

Countries two, but New Zealand hardly counts. Six states and DC.

13. If you could take a vacation anywhere to cache, where would you go?

I would love to do more scuba diving caches. I did one in quarry in southern Virginia. There are some around Bermuda, I hear.

14. Tell us about your other interests or talents.

Talents, ha, I do math. I’m a statistician with a Ph.D. in Education Research and Analysis. I don’t have the right brain for talent. I have been told that I can clean a house like no one else.

Interests, boating, swimming, knee boarding, motorcycling, hiking, pets, grandchildren, gardening, hockey, football, shooting, archery, kayaking, needlepoint, sewing, embroidery, reading, solving puzzles, and video games. That’s why I never have free time.

15. Have you set any goals for yourself this year related to caching?

Absolutely, I want to clear out my To-do list. It consists of series caches I’ve started and haven’t finished (Toponauts, Be the Geneologist, Minecraft, Magic, Middle Earth, Liver), a few odds and ends caches, Dorky Rooster, and a few others I have DNFed.

16. What would you like NoVAGO to focus on in the future?

More group caching events, like cache mobs, and I love the get-togethers at drinking establishments.

Uh oh, did I just volunteer myself?

Topic starter Posted : 26/03/2018 10:20 am
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Love this girl! Thanks for sharing, but most of all, thanks for the great times on kayaks. Oh, and that time you took care of me when I thought I was dying in Fredericksburg. I have a brand spankin' new towel sitting here for you. Perhaps I'll present at the NoVAGO picnic, but leave out the details.

Posted : 26/03/2018 11:45 pm