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January 2018: Effstop

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1. Tell us about your caching name.

My caching name comes from my other hobby, photography; it’s a play on the photographic term F-stop.

2. How were you introduced to Geocaching and what was the first cache you found?

I was looking for something to do and thought that this would be interesting.
My first find was AwesomAtudadityClub. It’s not that far from my house.

3. Tell us about your receiver and any other “tools” (hardware and software) that help you cache.

My “receiver” is my iPhone. I use the Cachly app which I really like. I do have a Garmin GPSMAP 62S too. When I’m out in the woods hiking, I usually use a walking stick. Not only for stability but also to help move away those pesky thorn bushes! To keep track of my geocaching history I use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and for statistics and research I use Project-GC which I love!

4. What essential items do you always carry in your cache bag?

Extra batteries, an external power supply for my iPhone, band aids, pens

5. Do you trade items in and out of caches?


6. Do you have any signature items or ones in the works?

I’m in the process of creating my first Whereigo cache with CacheClown76. I’m really excited about that.

7. What is your favorite thing about caching?

To me, it’s the people that make this hobby/game fun. I’ve met so many interesting people and made a lot of friends through geocaching.

Secondly, geocaching takes me to places that I would have never gone to or known about. I’m constantly learning new things which I like.

8. Do you cache by yourself or with another person? How often do you go caching?

Mostly by myself. I usually try to go with the DC Geocaching and Beyond Meetup group every month. They have a monthly event in and around the DC area and I have had so much fun with this group.

I go caching about twice a week. Sometimes more like when I’m on vacation or need to fill up calendar days.

9. What is your favorite type of cache (traditional, multi, puzzle, virtual etc.)?

Virtuals, without a doubt. I have seen some of the coolest things by doing virtuals. A close second is challenge caches.

10. Tell us about your favorite cache.

The Prisoner. Without a doubt this cache is one I will never forget. MrPsyduck and I worked on this cache for almost a year before we made the find. I could write a book on our experience with this cache.

11. Tell us about a memorable caching experience that you have had.

I mentioned The Prisoner above, but want I to share is about the two caches I found back in my home state of Pennsylvania. I went up to the ASP Geobash in May of last year which isn’t far from my hometown. While in the area I visited with my sister and brother in law. During the visit, I discussed two caches In For a Penny 6 and In For a Penny 8 with my brother in law on how to get to them. They hadn’t been found in over 3 years. I wanted to find these two caches in order to complete the Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400. He told me how there was an old road (gated off at the highway down below by the PA Game Commission. These caches are on PA State Gamelands) that would take me right up to the caches. So the next day I parked my car by the gate and started hiking up towards these caches (This is definitely a MrsSeaDog hike). I found two other caches In For a Penny 2 and In For a Penny 3 along the way. My brother in law said to just stay straight on the road and that would lead me to the caches. Did I listen? Nope. I decided to take another way which resulted in me hiking up a very rocky hillside. I did manage to make it to the top though and found the two caches. And they were still in relatively good shape. I also ran into a woman walking her two dogs and she stated that she never sees people on this road while walking her dogs. On the way back I took the road the whole way which was a heck of a lot easier and I managed to find two lonely caches that hadn’t been found in over three years!

12. How many states and countries have you cached in?

19 states (including DC) and 4 countries

13. If you could take a vacation anywhere to cache, where would you go?

I would love to go back to Alaska. Australia is another place I would like to go caching

14. Tell us about your other interests or talents.

Photography, Hockey (Let’s Go Pens!), Reading, Hiking

15. Have you set any goals for yourself this year related to caching?
Yes. I want to go to the New England area (MA, RI, NH, VT and/or ME) to complete the 13 Colonies Challenge. I also want to complete the Capitals of the United States of America Challenge. I would also like to create a challenge cache.

But the biggest goal is to HAVE FUN!

16. What would you like NoVAGO to focus on in the future?

I recently had a similar discussion with our NoVAGO president about this.
She stated that her focus this year is on education and teaching people about geocaching. And I agree! She had mentioned to me having more educational type events such as How to Create an EarthCache, How to Use GSAK, etc. which would be very beneficial to myself and other cachers.

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An enjoyable read—thanks! Prisoner is indeed a doozie, and I recall its slipperiness well. Your team is poised to tackle some more big ones out there!

Posted : 24/01/2018 12:56 pm
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Nice write-up. See you Saturday at your Aussie event!

Posted : 25/01/2018 1:22 pm