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December 2017 That time the Police stopped you while caching

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Can you tell me about that time the police questioned you while


"I have been approached by the police about half a dozen times. In my line of work I gain pretty quick trust with a show of ID. The best time was in Dallas when I was doing a power trail along a dirt road. I was parked by the road side and digging around in the bushes. A cop car pulled up with an older gruffer officer driving and a younger rookie young lady in the passenger seat. I explained I was in town for a meeting to give a talk and enjoying some down time. They went on their way. About 30 minutes later they came back while I was at a cache further down the trail. They pulled over to tell me their adventure. In that 30 minutes they were gone the young lady officer had downloaded the geocaching app and had found about 3 caches up the road."


"A more typical incident occurred last winter on our way back from the Keys with our geomobile pulling the popup camper. We dropped by Boca Raton to pick up the South Beach Park Webcam. Luckily there were three empty parking places at the end of the circle by the gazebo and Mr. BardenL was able to maneuver the rig into place. A park official drove up in his truck and I quickly hopped out, and told him I was so glad he had come because I didn't know what to do about the parking. He explained how to use the parking station. The charge was only $1/hour/place so I got my quarters jar from the car, and he keyed in the information about each place in turn, told me when to put in the money and printed out the receipts. I thanked him again for showing up at the perfect moment, and he said, "I was about to take out my ticket book."


"How about the time we questioned the police :)
FTFs are hard to come by, especially back in the day when Wetfit, #1Fishingal and CC76 were caching in my area. When my team saw Merica ( ) publish at dusk we hurried over to the GZ only to find 3 squad cars with their lights on :(
We kept circling and finally I decided to get out of the car and decided to great the officers and ask them if it was ok if I, um, you know, molest some nearby shrubbery. Turns out they were trying to get the FTF! "


"I had a whopper of a night with LEOs a couple springs ago when I was out working on some CAM caches as well as trying to fill in the eastern shore and Delaware DeLorme/Counties.

It was sometime after dark and I was in a little town on the west side of the eastern shore. There was a public parking lot for the town and to access a multi-use trail that didn't have any posted hours. So I was hunting a park bench cache and had made my find when a LEO pulled up beside my truck in the parking lot. But now he was between me and my truck and was looking at the truck so I had to be extra obvious making my way back so as not to startle him and not to approach his SUV. After explaining what I was doing and showing him my printed out maps with highlighter for completed areas he shook his head that someone from "so far away" would come to his little town but it ended well.

Not an hour later I was doing a zigzag pattern to get a cache on each side of the MD DE border to cover the DeLorme requirements for all the challenges and I parked off a little side road to go back and hunt a guardrail cache that was on the main road. Normally there was parking close but it was being used by a road construction crew for materials. So I was out and headed to the cache when a local officer came along and checked up on me because it was getting late and this was a dark area of her county. After explaining geocaching and such to her and then her running my plates and going through the whole thing she shared that the next house down this little road was her bosses house and they have had problems with kids toilet papering and doing other such things. I will never know why someone would be dumb enough to mess with the head sheriff but there you have it. So whoever is doing the night shifts will do drive bys of his place to discourage such behaviors.

Once it was all cleared up I invited her along to hunt the cache and she had her big 4 D-cell mag light out there and made short work of finding a cammo taped m&m minis container. Though I don't know if finding it made her think I was more or less sane because it just had a log, busted pencil and some weather beaten little Lisa Frank style erasers in the bottom. But she was nice enough to share with dispatch that I was out in their county doing "this crazy game" so that if anyone else saw me they wouldn't have to go through all the trouble. But at that point I was almost back to the bay bridge and only had one or two more caches to get for the trip so no more run ins for the evening."


"Sadly, no. Every time I see a LEO I must look too friendly. They turn their lights off at the sight of me and drive away :("


"Been stopped by the authorities a couple of times. Once, down by the White House, I was going after the virtual near the Christmas Tree. The cops, who were better armed than I thought the situation warranted, wanted to know what I was doing with that little yellow thing I kept staring at. Fortunately, I had brought the printed copy of the cache page so they eventually decided I was monthly harmless.

But the worst time was on a back road down near Fredericksburg. I had pulled off in the middle of no place to grab a puzzle. As I am getting things together, a cruiser comes down the road and stops right next to me. I wave to him and say hi and tell him I am geocaching. I appear to have piqued his curiosity. I have to explain caching, puzzle caches, how I solved that particular puzzle, how many caches are around the area, etc. I probably spent 15 minutes with this guy explaining how it was done. No idea if he ever went caching himself, but I definitely gave him a good education to get him started."


"The only "police interrogation" I can recall occurred almost 13 years ago, and was at another of my own geocaches - GCHY75 "FILM CAN???" (long since archived). That geocache was a 3 Stage Multi-Cache with the final hidden on a promontory above Glade Run...near the intersection of Twin Branches Road and Glade Drive. I had visited the geocache and performed Owner Maintenance, and upon returning to my parked truck (legal parking spot on the side of Glade Drive) I found a young Fairfax County Police Officer giving my truck the "look". When I approached he questioned me about why I had been parked in that location for four (4) days...huh??? Seems a "conscientious" Neighborhood Watch person called in a suspicious truck that seemed to be abandoned because it hadn't moved in four days. I explained Geocaching to the officer, showed him the cache page, and informed him that I had only been parked there for approximately 30 minutes...while I performed maintenance on the cache container. Way back in 2004 geocaching was fairly unknown in the local area...nowadays a police officer spotting a person wandering around with a handheld GPS receiver knows exactly what they are doing, and you'd be surprised at the number of law enforcement folks that are active geocachers."


"We have been question a few times, even given a hint or two, but this year, at a lab cache at Geo- Woodstock, a very nice officer came to see what a group of us were doing at an abandoned road side attraction. Because he seemed interested, we explained caching to him and even got him to agree to take a group picture for us. As he was leaving, he turned around and said. "Don't forget to find and sign the log for the traditional cache hidden under the steps."


"In May 2017 I was working DeLorme grids along the NJ/NY border. I had just found a cache in Greenwood Lake, NY called Center of the Village. As I got back on the road, I somehow got off the main route and was heading into a residential area. Up in front of me was a park, and police had cordoned off the entrance, which was at a four way intersection. Not wanting to enter the park, and needing to get turned around so I could find my way back to route I needed to be on, I decided to make a right at the intersection. As I was making the turn, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw an officer flagging me down, but having already committed to the turn, I kept going. Next thing I know, a squad car is flying up behind me, lights a-blazing. I pulled over and the officer came up to question me as to why I didn't stop when flagged at the intersection. I explained that I was geocaching in the area (he didn't ask what geocaching was so I assumed he knew) but had gotten off track, and that I had been frustrated and distracted from being lost and had been more focused on getting turned around than on paying attention to the officers at the intersection. After checking my license, he gave me directions back to the route I needed to be on and sent me on my way. Phew! No ticket!"


"No but I was once caching in the woods in Germany when this German cycled up and started looking curious. We both pointed to our GPSs, gave a thumbs up and started searching together!"


"Hmmm...police. Does German military soilsers count? I wasn't paying attention to where I pulled in, go out of car and realized, whoops I'm in the wrong parking lot. Got back into my car and had heard some knocking on my window. I explained I was in the wrong parking lot, and they told me to leave. I didn't realize the German military had a headquarters here in NOVA. Whoops :)"


"Boy, can I! GC5PG6V NZ around the world, a 3 continent cache. I had the US part. The coordinates took me to the fence surrounding the U.S Naval Observatory, which is also the home of our vice presidents. A friend and I proceeded to search around the fence, when we were approached by a Secret Service Officer. It seems that Joe Biden was on his way home and having two strange women poking around his fence was cause for alarm. He detained us for questioning. He called in his supervisor and two other Secret Service men to question us. Another Secret Service officer came by because he was curious. They separated us for questioning to ensure that our stories corroborated. After explaining to what ended up being seven Secret Service officers what Geocaching was over the next hour and a half they determined we weren't a threat to national security and said we could leave. Three of the officers stopped us as we were leaving and told us that we couldn't just leave after all that and helped us look for the cache to no avail. Then they drove us back to our car in Woodley Park. We were caching all over the area that evening. I asked the CO for and received a few more hints, went back the next day and found it easily just outside the NZ embassy (across the street from the fence), duh."


"This is not an uncommon happening for us. Most notable was when we were geocaching outside of a small office building. The security police watched us from inside the building for a while. Clearly we looked suspicious. Eventually they came out and ask us what we were doing. Two elderly people looking around on the ground tend to attract attention."


"From my 2009 Quote

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I have not been stopped by pd. But after grabbing a cache in Stafford me and tmustang1 were detained by a armed rent a cop. I sent a message to sassyinmyheart saying i was locked up and they were running checks. I hade her going for a bit before I let her know.

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