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Down NoVAGO Memory Lane 2018

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I know the tradition was to keep these yearly history posts as one posting until the character limit was reached, but for me it is much simpler to deal with less code to search through and edit. Social events became too much to track so I am only doing NoVAGO sponsored or related.



President - Plato Addict
Vice President - Nothereeither
Secretary - Pfenix
Treasurer - Hooclass2002
Public Relations - Awesnap

"River cleanup volunteers grab trash, a grill, chairs, syringes and three Amazon devices" (April 2018) (INSIDE NOVA)

"To Find Local (Literally) Hidden Gems, Try Geocaching" (May 15, 2018) (THE KOJO NNAMDI SHOW)

"GeoGearHeads 333: I" (May 17, 2018) (Geo Gear Heads)

"Outpouring of appreciation to those who helped with river cleanup" Editorial. The Old Bridge Observor, Vol 29 No 18, 23 May 2018, p. 2.

"Find Your Chesapeake GeoTour® Launch" (June 7, 2018) The Chesapeake Conservancy

"Let’s Go Geocaching!" (July 30,, 2018) The National Park Service


NoVAGO Spring Picnic and Awards Event (6May18) (Arlington County) (NoVAGO)

NoVAGO's 4th Annual Hauntingly Familiar Fall Event (27Oct18) (Fairfax County) (NoVAGO)

SURVIVOR18: Eating Challenge (4Nov18) (Prince William County) (Zippy Finn)


Planning a Geocaching Road Trip Class (3 Feb 18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap)

Let's take a cachetur (10Mar18) (Fairfax County) (PlatoAddict)

A Class About HTML and the Beautiful Cache Page (14Apr18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap) workshop (29Dec18) (Fairfax County) (PlatoAddict)

Cache Mob - Ramble around Lake Mercer- CITO + Hike (17Feb18) (Fairfax County) (vpdj)

NoVAGO Winter CITO at Jerome Ford Nature Center (25Feb18) (City of Alexandria) (NoVAGO)

Cache Mob - Chops A Wham Stic @Pmack Pk -CITO+Hike (17 Mar 18) (Fairfax County) (vpdj)

The Shoveler" Needs A CITO! (18Mar18) (Fairfax County) (Cache Clown 76)

2nd Annual Occoquan River Cleanup - Paddle CITO! (21Apr18) (Prince William County) (Hooclass2002)

NoVAGO Veteran's Park CITO (22Apr18) (Prince William County) (DePhogration)

Occoquan Elementary CITO IV (27Apr18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap)

Fred Lynn Middle School CITO (28Apr18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap)

NoVAGO 2018 Spring CITO (29Apr18) (Prince William County) (NoVAGO)

CITO at Glencarlyn Park (6 May18) (Arlington County) (Ezio10)

NoVAGO 2018 Summer CITO (7Jul18) (Prince William County) (NoVAGO)

NoVAGO 2018 Fall CITO (16Sep18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap)

Minnieville Elementary CITO (21Sep18) (Prince William County) (Awesnap)

Dean Park CITO (13Oct18) (City of Manassas) (Awesnap)

Jefferson Park CITO (17Nov18) (Prince William County) (DePhogration)

Assisting the National Park Service, the Chesapeake Conservancy, and Maryland Geocaching Society for the Find Your Chesapeake Geotour

NoVAGO President taught a class in Maryland titled NOVAGO cacheturs to Maryland .

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This place has such a rich history. I hope it stays active for many more years to come!

Posted : 04/08/2018 12:50 pm