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Defining #1

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I was listening to a podcast this morning and the #5 ranked geocacher was on. I had a thought. After listening top how this fellow plans trips around long lines he finds on maps and finding 100 a day I found that I really wasn't relating to his style of caching. We each play the game differently. I was thinking of the folks we have in the DMV. We have folks that love long hikes and a day in the woods and others that are park and grab folks. There are folks that concentrate on solving Puzzles and keeping that average up, and others who only go for Traditionals. We have FTF hounds, social finders, terrain junkies, cache liars, and the find them all types.

So defining #1 as a person that has the most finds seems silly. I think we should have an RBI or ERA type average to get a better understanding if #1. Perhaps something like "Quality of Logs + Diversity of Finds + quality of hides + D/T ratings, etc, etc."

Just curious to what other folks take on this is?

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2019 2:36 am
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That's an interesting perspective...and a true assessment of the various "types" of geocachers. I've never been a "numbers hound" (but find nothing wrong with them), I'll admit to being a FTF hound way back when MooseMaMa and I started geocaching -- hard to believe that's been almost 17 years. We've slowed down a bit...partially because of age, but mostly because we've found that unique, quality caches, placed in "Never would have seen this spot" locations interest us more now. Seems that we've become more seasonal in our caching forays too...that's probably due to now living 4,400 feet up a mountainside in beautiful Montana - it snows here - a LOT and OFTEN!

I've always held that every geocacher enjoys the pastime in their own particular way...and that's exactly what makes it so enjoyable.

We miss our geocaching friends in NoVAGO...think of you often, but wouldn't trade our spot in "The Last Best Place" for anything :-D. We wish all of you the very best.

2Wheel'in & MooseMaMa

Posted : 10/01/2019 11:51 am