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2019 Caching Goals

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Another year has come and went and that brings us to my favorite Forum use of the year. This question goes back a few years and folks always enjoy the responses. I have always enjoyed reading what other local geocachers wrote, and I even set a few goals for myself based off those postings.

How many of your 2018 caching goals did you achieve?

So what are your geocaching related goals for 2019?

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2018 8:21 am
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Each new year I make the same Geocaching Resolutions. One to find a minimum of 1000 caches for the year, and secondly to find a minimum of 20 Earthcaches, Virtuals, Multicaches, Events, Wherigos, Mystery, and Letterboxes and I have achieved that once again.

In 2019 I want to:
*Include my family more in my geocaching adventures.
*Locate and Sign the Virginia DeLorme Challenge.
*Finish the Find Your Chesapeake Geotour (I have 29 left out of 64)
*Create an epic 5/5 adventure in the spirit of Dorky Rooster, Go Army, and the Eagles Tour.
*Complete the Kraken Geoart without sinking this time.
*Develop and place two or more Earthcaches.
*Finish multiple cache series I started including Dorky Rooster, Minecraft, and the 2016 Murder Mystery.

As for 2018 I did qualify for Virtual Lover's Challenge: States 10 x 15, finish my 4th Cache Across Maryland, and attend Geowoodstock in Ohio. I no longer work at to keep my Found Traditional Percentage below 50%. That helped reinvigorate this hobby for me after years of finding too many low quality hides, but now I strive to find more interesting things.

Good luck to everyone on their 2019 geo-goals!

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2018 8:38 am
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This year was when I started wrapping up some of my goals - next year I hope to finish the few remaining ones:

2018 - Worked on more challenges:

Fizzy - Finished in 2016 - Now need just 1 more for a Double-Fizzy
Jasmer - needed 2 to finish off all Months/Years (only 1 to go now - found 1 in New England in 2018)
July 2000 Not yet found

VA Delorme - Completed - needed 1 out of 63 - (1 done in 2018)
VA Counties - 94 of 95 counties done (1 done in 2018) - will get the last on the trip to get the VA Delorme cache
VA Cities - Completed in 2017

MD/DE Delorme - 50 of 53 done - (got 10 this year) - still need Crisfield, St Michael and Salisbury yet
MD Counties - 23 of 24 counties done (1 done in 2018) - will get the last on the trip to get the MD Delorme square in Crisfield
DE Counties - 3 of 3 counties done - DNF'd the cache - will have to get back out there on my next eastern shore excursion

Tried to continue my monthly Cache Mob events (but only held 5 in 2018 due to inclement weather and health issues)

3 CITOs - Hiked Kings Landing, Lake Mercer and Patowomeck Park
0 Kayak / hydro-adventures (have new kayak so planning to do some in 2019 - if the rain ever stops for the rivers to go down)
1 Road Trip / Hiking trek (Sky Meadows)
1 GIFF Viewing event
3 cancelled Kayak adventures

Keep my percent of found Puzzle caches at 33% of all caches found - currently at 37.5% - same as the end of last year
Keep percent of traditionals down below 50% - at 47.3% now

Started several GeoArt trails - like the Wizard Memorial Trail and DPR GT and MDC
Could not finish Mermaid on the ERT geoart - it got archived

Keep trying to finish off the Fountainhead / Bull Run area caches - (was down to 4 left to go - now back up to 13)

Finish In2Mud's Middle Earth series - just the final left to do

Completed Goals from 2018 -

Finally finished the 2014 Cachemas series - quite the adventure finding the final since I mixed up the coords
In the process, I finally finished off the Conway Robinson Park set of caches
Finished RAG 100 challenge - needed 9 caches on the 5th of January

Planted 4 more challenge caches along the Fairfax Cross County Trail (CCT) to bring the total to 52
Planted 1 of the 4 previous years' NOVAGO Best of challenge caches along the Fairfax Cross County Trail (CCT) - rest are placed - need to create cache pages

Had a great 3 day road trip to New England with Awesnap, Two000miler and JPWave - got 10 2000/2001 caches and 7 states in a day with 8 cache types.

My first GIGA in 2018 - in Cincinnati

2019 Goals

Find VA Delorme cache
1 VA county
1 MD county
4 MD/DE Delormes
Find DE County cache

1 cache for Double-Fizzy

Finish Jasmer - July 2000 - Altanta - Marooned

Get find total over 100 for Letterboxes and Earthcaches

Maybe finish off some of the 13 Fountainhead/Bull Run/Hemlock caches before more are placed

Finish WMT geoart in Baltimore, the MDC geoart in Frederick and the DPR GT in DC

Try to do the geoarts for HDJP, the Kraken, Take A Hike, and WNW and maybe the 2 geoarts in Centralia, PA

Main goal is to enjoy the journeys and cache with friends as much as I can

Posted : 01/01/2019 5:28 am
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In 2019 I want to:

Find all the caches*

*in the world

Posted : 01/01/2019 4:05 pm
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Ok, ok, snark off. Came up with a real one today:

Increase trail-time to car-time ratio

Posted : 02/01/2019 5:17 pm
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Interesting Post.

In 2018 I finished one very long time goal. I finally got through my Jasmer Challenge. Did so by finding "The Spot" in New York State for May 2000.
I was also able to add Asia to my list of continents cached on, with 4 finds in India (2 of them EarthCaches at the Taj Mahal).
Finally I attended the GWS Giga, and was actually a speaker at the event.

As for 2019. This year I will hit 10,000 finds if I keep on my current trajectory. I should also log enough miles between caches to officially make it back to Earth after the reaching the Moon years ago. I would like to get one of the 6 remaining states I have left to cache in added to my map.

Other than that I hope to get back to cache placement once I get some major tasks off my plate. Best to all for the new year, and hope all meet their goals.

Posted : 02/01/2019 5:31 pm
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For 2018, I had two goals. The first was to average a cache a day, something I had failed to do the previous two years, no thanks to my muscular dystrophy. For 2018, I managed an even 400 finds, so goal accomplished. My other goal was to complete the New Jersey DeLorme Challenge. I collected the last of the NJ grids in May then retrieved the final in October, so second goal accomplished!

For 2019, I'd like to add at least 5 new states to my caching map. I'd also like to finish collecting all of the grids for the Pennsylvania DeLorme Challenge. Should be well in reach as I only need seven grids, four between Altoona and Pittsburgh, and three along I-80. I understand the final is a bear of a hike, so I'll wait until I have coordinates in hand before deciding whether or not to attempt it.

Posted : 03/01/2019 3:34 pm
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I’ll keep my 2019 goals simple...

1. Complete my milestone (1000 cache) at a certain RKB cache.
2. Complete the Murder Mystery Series (4 caches left) and the NoVAGO survivor series (very late to the party I know!).
3. Clean up some of the older caches at Fountainhead/Hemlock.
4. Hide some caches (Im overdue for another Wherigo) and host an event/CITO.

Happy New Year! 😀

Posted : 04/01/2019 11:58 am
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Had a rough 2018 and this year is not starting off so well - currently walking about 1/2mi. per day. Need to work on that!
Also want to solve more local puzzles since I've knocked out most of the traditionals in the immediate area and I'm not up for traveling.

Posted : 20/02/2019 4:48 pm