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Castle of the Ancients GC5CQCP  

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This is the crown jewel of a handful of new caches by derektiffany in Conway Robinson State Forest. The flavorful writeup will guide your every step, and the descriptions of where to find the hidden things is spot on (with some careful reading). The hike is enjoyable on the well-marked trails, and the Castle is a sight to behold and explore. And at the end, a stocked ammo can. Three cheers for Castle of the Ancients...hip hip Hooray!

But wait, there's more.

Along the way there is a high-terrain traditional, an earthcache, a bonus mystery cache, and a straightforward multi-cache. All ripe for the picking and easy to navigate to. Come have an adventure!

Castle of the Ancients by derektiffany

Posted : 05/10/2014 8:02 pm
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Agree with Serrabou. This is a great one, especially for the kiddies! Highly recommended! :smt023

Posted : 12/10/2014 9:00 pm
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Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

There's now a Wherigo in the park as well: GC5E8WN Trials of the Order :dancing:

Whether or not this was sitting in the woods when Serrabou walked by it ... no comment. :silenced:

Posted : 16/10/2014 11:30 am
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Cool, Castle of the Ancients and Trials of the Order both made it onto Project-GC's "What's Hot" map: ... mit=Filter

Thanks all for the great logs ... I've really enjoyed reading them.

Posted : 03/12/2014 11:00 am
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Wow this looks great! Thank you for posting this. Definitely on my "must do" list now!

Posted : 19/01/2015 5:46 pm