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NoVAGO is Headed South for Winter! 1

NoVAGO is Headed South for Winter!

The temperatures have plummeted and snow is on the ground.  For many, the current weather might make caching outdoors seem improbable, but don’t despair!  NoVAGO has a perfect fix for that caching cabin fever....

2015 NoVAGO Officers 0

2015 NoVAGO Officers

We are happy to announce that the new officers for 2015 are: President – WVKiwi Vice President – Derektiffany Secretary – Saberspark77 Treasurer – KanukGirl Public Relations – DePhogration Thanks to all who voted!...

NoVAGO’s 12 Days of Cachemas 0

NoVAGO’s 12 Days of Cachemas

Six Cachemas notifications, six days in a row. What, where, and when will the next one show? 6 G33k$ a Pl@ying: 5 Golden Rings: 4 Velvet Elvises: 3 Runaway Hens:

Merry Cachemas! 2

Merry Cachemas!

Hang your caching bag by the chimney with care, because all through NoVAGO there is excitement in the air! Nestle GPS batteries snug in their chargers, while you make sure a pen is ready...

Mark Your Calendar! 0

Mark Your Calendar!

We hope everyone will mark their calendars because the fall event date is set!  Join us at Vint Hill Village Green’s shelter for our annual fall picnic and auction on October 11, 2014!   Stayed...

NoVAGO Wants to Hear from You! 0

NoVAGO Wants to Hear from You!

As you might have already seen on our Facebook page, we in NoVAGO are curious: What brings you to our seasonal events?  Do you primarily come… To seek new caches? To see old friends? Meet new...