NoVAGO 2008 Cache Awards: Call for Nominations

Yahoo, it’s recognition time!!! Time to recognize those caches, and cachers who have made geocaching in the NoVAGO area a rewarding experience. The NoVAGO 2008 Cache Awards Program is now accepting nominations in the following categories:

  1. Best Theme/Series
  2. Best Kids’ Cache
  3. Best Location
  4. Best Hike
  5. Best History-Related Cache
  6. Best Multi-Stage
  7. Best Mystery/Puzzle
  8. Best Cache (or Series) Outside NoVa
  9. Most Creative Cache
  10. Most Challenging-to-Find Cache
  11. Best Picture in 2008 posted to a cache log
  12. Best Log in 2008 on a Cache
  13. Cache of Year
  14. Rookie of the Year (any cacher that found their first cache after August 1st, 2007)
  15. Cacher of the Year

Nominations will close on 15 March, and actual voting will commence on or about 16 March. Please refer to this topic in the NoVAGO News & Announcements Forum for full particulars. Everyone plays this game their own way, and you no doubt enjoy it or you wouldn’t be a NoVAGO member…please take the time to make some category nominations to recognize the efforts of those who make this pastime so enjoyable.

2009 NoVAGO Meet and Greet/Sit and Eat

Don’t forget to attend the 2009 NoVAGO Meet and Greet/Sit and Eat this Sunday, February 15 at George Mason Library on Little River Turnpike in Annandale.   Meet the new officers and board, find out the direction of NoVAGO in the upcoming year and see how you can enhance your caching experience!

Also, cache pages for new caches will be provided.  There are 5+ ALLH (A Little Local History) caches, all within Annandale.

Website Redesign

I think most everything is done with the new website, as far as the layout, though a few tweaks might need to be added here and there. You’ll notice the front page redesign as well, including recent forum topics, links to geocaching related sites, and upcoming events. Across the top is a menu to take you to the forums, contact us info, and the NoVAGO shop. In blue you’ll see links to popular posts on the front page news area.  When you’re in the forums, the logo at the top takes you back to the main page of the site.

In the forums, because I’ve made various tweaks here and there, if you log in and it automatically logs you out, clear your browser cookies for “” Old cookies may keep you from staying logged in but since most of the settings are already done, this shouldn’t be a problem any longer (I had the same issue with the MGS site when it was converted)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at robert at novago dot org. Oh, and a Twitter account was setup for NoVAGO if you use Twitter. It will automatically update when front page posts are added, so feel free to follow.



Two Upcoming Events Scheduled

Do you like to meet interesting, like minded, friendly people? How about good food…do you like good food? Then GC1KZYG “Over the Hump – Once Again” is an Event you should really enjoy. It takes place on 11 Feb 09, starting at 6:30PM at the Fuddruckers in Annandale. (Thanks to D&C for reviving this one).

Now…if you do not like people or food, but you do like books…then take a gander at GC1KR68 “Well Would You Look At That?”. It”s a month long 2-28 Feb 09 Geocaching Display, constructed by NetworkCacher for NoVAGO, in the Kings Park Library, Fairfax County, Burke, VA. This one will do much to educate the public about geocaching, and will also increase awareness of the pastime as legitimate recreational activity. What a fantastic idea!!

Congratulations to the new Officers

Voting is over and the dust has settled …
The final count of the 37 votes cast resulted in:


Vice President



Public Relations

Looking forward to another great year under the new leadership.
Lots to do and many more obstacles to overcome.

Congrats again …
now officially ex-president

Time To Vote!

It’s time to vote! Below are the positions and the members running for each. Please send your email vote to — be sure to use the subject “NoVAGO Vote 2009“ and include your NoVAGO username. You can also click here.


Vice President



Public Relations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though some of the positions only have one person running, your vote must include the name of the person running for that position. Voting will run until Monday, December 31st, with the new officers announced on January 1.

Geocaching Instructor Jobs

The Prince William County Park Authority in N. Virginia is currently recruiting Geocaching Instructors to coordinate and implement a year-round outdoor adventure in Geocaching as a part of our new environmental studies program. Instructors are tasked to train support staff, supplement and check lesson plans and train and monitor staff and program participants (9yrs old and older) on the proper use of equipment. To qualify, you must be at least 18 yrs old, with one year of Geocaching experience and the ability to setup a cache onsite. Must also be able to pass a criminal history background check. Flexible schedules available – work as many or as few weeks as you would like. Positions available at Locust Shade Park, Lake Ridge Park and Veteran””s Park. Hiring Range: $12.50 – $15/hr.Hiring Range: $12.50 – $15/hr. For more information on these positions email us at or visit us online at Select “browse current positions” on our “Employment” page; view the job posting and apply online. When applying, please be sure to detail your Geocaching experience if your experience is not referenced on your resume.

The PWC Park Authority is an EEO/AA Employer that values diversity in our workforce.

2009 Election Nominations

It is time once again to select those who will be running for the 2009 NoVAGO Officer positions.

At the Fall event, I publicly announced that I will not run again for President. I am not sure about the other current officers and hope they will reply to this thread with their desires in the near future.

If you are interested, please post a reply to this thread including the office you are interested in holding. I will update this post with nominees next to the office listed below and we will assemble a ballot by December 1st and have an email address open for voting at that time. Winners will be announced January 1st.

If you want to nominate someone else for a position, please ask if they are interested before doing so. If they are interested, nominate them here and they will be added to the list.

Please note, EVERYONE can nominate and EVERYONE can vote … not just the “oldtimers”. It is YOUR organization … please take part …

As the first nomination, (since I am writing this )I have talked with cphug184 and, unless he has recently changed his mind, he has agreed to run for President so I am taking this opportunity to nominate him for the position and listing him below as a candidate unless I hear otherwise.

The current nominees for the officers positions are:

President – cphug184

Vice-President – WireJunky, Network Cacher

Public Relations – TooWheelin


Secretary – Buglady1

If you have any questions, please post them here as well or contact me offline.

rufnredy (dave)

3 Cache Events closing in Fast!!

Just a gentle reminder that we have 3 events (2 Member and 1 NoVAGO) right around the corner.

Rocky Run Stream Valley Park CITO 25 Oct 08 GC1GZR2

WWFM? (World Wide Flash Mob) GC1H472 8 Nov 08

Huntley Meadows CITO: Dogue Creek GC1GW7P 22 Nov 08

Details are in the scrolling box, upper right-hand corner of this Home Page. The CITOs are a great way to give back to the community and land managers, and the WWFM is pure fun – you have to see it, and take part in it to believe it! Come on out.