A Time to Give Thanks!

NoVAGO turns 15 this year and to celebrate we will be kicking off the year with our traditional Thanks Event!   This year we are back at Santini’s New York Style Deli in Chantilly.

Please join us to thank all of the amazing volunteers, cache placers, and event holders who helped make geocaching in Northern Virginia more fun in 2021 and to welcome in the 2022 volunteers.

INCOMING 2022 NoVAGO Officers:

PRESIDENT: Nothereeither

VICE PRESIDENT: ThompsonKickers

TREASURER: Freddiecrs



The two outgoing 2021 NoVAGO Officers are Effstop (Vice President) and Awesnap (PR).

Thanks for 2021 (GC page)

January 23rd, 2022

3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Santini’s New York Style Deli

3980 Corsair Ct
Chantilly, VA 20151

NEW ANNUAL SERIES: NoVAGO’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Santa needs help… save him before it is too late and “Cachemas” is ruined…

WHAT IS THIS? NoVAGO is pleased to announce that a new series began in December.  It will consist of 8 new caches, one bonus, and an Adventure Lab and released on each Saturday until the series conclusion. A kickoff event was held in Woodbridge on October 30th.


The series so far:

2021 Cache Award Nominations are now OPEN

Each year NoVAGO honors some of the best caches that were placed in Northern Virginia. Cache nominations and awards are a chance for you to recognize the efforts of fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed.  Help recognize the great caches and the people who placed them by nominating your favorites for the 2021 NoVAGO Cache Awards!

To nominate please head over to this NoVAGO’s 2021 Cache Awards Nominations Link.

Categories are as follows:

  • Cache of the Year
  • Best Theme/Series
  • Best Kids Cache
  • Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
  • Most Creative Cache
  • Most Physically Challenging to Find
  • Best Historical/Educational Cache
  • Best Multi Stage
  • Best Mystery/Puzzle
  • Best Traditional
  • Best Other (Letterbox Hybrid, Wherigo, Event)
  • Best CITO
  • Best Log
  • Rookie of the Year (First find in 2021)
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Cacher of the Year
  • Best Earthcache
  • Best Adventure Lab
  • Best Photo posted in a log

“Trails at the MSV Geotrail” Coming To Northern Virginia June 5

A new 12 cache geotrail is being launched in Winchester on June 5, 2021 at 10:30 am. The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley has preserved 90 acres of the largest green space in the city of Winchester and it is open to the public year-round.  The MSV has more than three miles of trails for walking, running, and biking that will take cachers through fields, woods, and wetlands. Those who find them all will have an opportunity to be among the first to earn a commemorative geocoin created specifically for this collection of traditional caches.  Access to the Trails at the MSV is free. Here is the link to the event:

“Trails at the MSV Geotrail” Kickoff Event (GC9B40C)

And the 2020 Cache Awards Winners are…

After having to skip our annual event last year due to COVID-19, on May 8, 2021 NoVAGO members flocked to Saturday’s NoVAGO’s 2021 Spring Picnic and Awards Event in Purceville, VA. Held in the Hillsboro Pavilion. The winds were whipping, so throughout the day it was common to see bug gust blow away Icebreaker sheets, plates, donuts, and hamburger buns.  Folks opted to stand in the sun for warmth, but than rushed back under the pavilion to shelter from the snow flurries and rain that popped up near the end.

Many thanks to the dedicated geocachers who participated setting up our annual picnic festivities, and those who stayed to clean up afterwards.  We had over 30 names signed on today’s picnic log, but folks remembered to social distance and not crowd in.  Also a special shout out to grill master DePhogration who again kept the flames hot, and kept the burgers and dogs from burning.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall!


Best Theme/Series (three or more caches in a series or that share a common theme)
Pirate gadget caches by VAPirate (8 caches)

Best Kids Cache (TIE!)
OLYMPIAD2020: Biathlon by CWillyPngn
Animal Crossing: Nook’s Valley by CWillyPngn

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
Adventure Lab Bonus: The Swamp Boardwalk by Reedkickball

Most Creative Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Adv. Lab Bonus) by Serrabou

Most Physically Challenging to Find (TIE!)
Stafford GeoHunt by Luv4VA
Roo’s Rescue (Adventure Lab Bonus) by Serrabou

Best Historical/Educational Cache
The Battles of Bull Run & Manassas Bonus Cache by Notthereeither

Best Camouflage
Pirate Rings by VAPirate

Best Multi-Stage Cache
Multi-Caches Bug Me by hrothroc

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache
OLYMPIAD2020: Table Tennis by 4EverYoungs

Best Traditional
MAGC-10 by pwesleynd93

Best Other (Wherigo, Letterbox, Event…)
The Reformatory by rlobecker

Best Earthcache
The Granite State Doubles Down in the Old Dominion by Awesnap

Best CITO (Cache In, Trash Out)
Mayfield Fort CITO VII by Awesnap

Best Adventure Lab
Rhythmic Gymnastics by Serrabou

Best Log
How Minnestrone Got His Groove Back by minnestrone

Best Photo

James Branch by Serrabou

Rookie of the Year

Best Volunteer
ZippyFinn & Serrabou

Cacher of the Year

Cache of the Year
Roo’s Rescue (Adventure Lab Bonus) by Serrabou

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Cache owners of nominated caches, as well as nominated cachers and log-writers, can add this cool logo to their cache pages and/or profiles as they see fit:

<center><img height=”300″ src=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/gs-geo-images/949be590-bd72-46ce-bb79-7b71216e3151_l.png” width=”300″ /></center>

2021 NoVAGO PathTag Contest

NoVAGO has decided that it is time that we make another PathTag.  So far we have made 3 tags total, but it has been awhile since we added a new one. So once again we are calling on all our talented artists to compete in designing our next tag. For those of you who may not be overly familiar about the process involved in designing a tag, and who might wish to learn more, the PathTag website (listed below) provides ample guidance. You can use your computer or just a pencil & paper to create your submission.


For those of you who just wish to launch into your creative side and start drawing, PathTag offers a template to assist in designs.



To submit an entry please email you design to: awesnap.geo@gmail.com

Please write PATHTAG CONTEST SUBMISSION in the subject line and include you caching name in the text. If you do not get a confirmation that I received your submission please follow up with me or contact me through my geocaching account Awesnap.

Once all submissions are in, NoVAGO members will get the opportunity to vote and select a winner. Good luck to everyone and remember to have fun.

OLYMPIAD2020 Closing Ceremonies


On Saturday, April 24, 2021, the Olympiad Games in Northern Virginia came to an end with a closing ceremony that ran for about two hours. Medalists from South Korea, Jamaica, and Greece met at a private ceremony held in Woodbridge, VA to receive their prizes.

NOC President Zippyfinn (lright) awards Nothereeither his medal.

The nature of the Olympics shifted significantly from the original plan, and the distribution of the 50 medals had to be changed.  While there are Olympians who went above and beyond in their quest for magnets, limits had to set for real medals to one per person for the general medal hunt.  Geocachers who won a photo category received a medal and a trackable for their winning photo.

DePhogration of the South Korean Team displays his Gold Medal and poses with the Olympiad2020 Torch.

The president of the NoVAGO Olympiad Committee (NOC), Zippyfinn, used her speech to praise the cacheletes from all three competing teams for their good sportsmanship, great logs, and zany cache photos. After the official medal distribution was complete, the NOC president declared the 2020 Olympiad Games closed.

Team Greece member CherokeeThree accepted these two medals on behalf of Cache Boss