2018 NoVAGO Cache Awards Nominations are OPEN!

Each year NoVAGO honors some of the best caches that were placed in Northern Virginia. Cache nominations and awards are a chance for you to recognize the efforts of fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed.  Help recognize the great caches and the people who placed them by nominating your favorites for the 2018 NoVAGO Cache Awards!  This year we are allowing nominations early so that folks can nominate the great ones as they find them. For more information on categories please head over to NoVAGO’s 2018 Cache Awards — Nominations in the forums.

DC Department of Parks and Recreation launches the EIGHT WARDS OF WASHINGTON, DC GEOTRAIL

The District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation has implemented a new Geocaching program in which various facilities have been outfitted with geocaches along a Geocaching trail. The DPR hopes to educate geocachers about the eight Wards that make up the District of Columbia and their local histories, and to also highlight nearby parks and facilities throughout the eight Wards. Once you have logged all nine caches and affixed the unique stamp from each cache in your family passport, mail it in to receive your free EIGHT WARDS OF WASHINGTON, DC GEOTRAIL geocoin (only one geocoin per family while supplies last).


The Summer CITO is Coming!

Join us July 7, 2018 for NoVAGO’s Winter CITO as we help clean up the Neabsco Creek area at Cloverdale Park. Park Ranger Eric Wysocki hand picked this CITO location for us to clean up, as the Prince William Park Authority continues to be a great partner with NoVAGO.

NoVAGO 2018 Summer CITO

Saturday, July 7, 2018

9:00 a.m.

Cloverdale Park

15150 Cloverdale Rd

Dale City, VA 22193

NoVAGO Members in the Spotlight

NoVAGO Members have been going above and beyond representing our hobby over the last few months.

On June 9, 2018 Hooclass2002, Sassyinmyheart, and PlatoAddict along with others were honored for their participation in the Find Your Chesapeake Geotour Kickoff Event in Pennsylvania.  Both Sassy (Pictured above) and Hooclass placed geocaches in Virginia for the geotour, while Plato was recognized for her contributions by staffing the FYC Table at Geowoodstock 2018 in Ohio.

On May 6, 2018 DePhogration (Pictured above) and PlatoAddict were also both speakers at Geowoodstock 2018.  Set on the Land of Oz stage at Coney Island, Plato gave a Cachetur.no demonstration and DePho gave his presentation “Geocaching & Avoiding the Bomb Squad.”

On May 18th Platoaddict (Pictured above) was a guest on the GeoGearHeads Podcast episode #333 titled cachetour.no I.  This episode was broadcast and recorded live on YOUTUBE. Podcasters ChrisOfTheNorthWest and DarrylW4 talked with her about Cachetur.no.

Geocaching was one of the topics of the day on the The Kojo Nnamdi Show on May, 15 2018.  Awesnap (Pictured above) was live in the Washington DC based Studio with Kojo on an episode called “To Find Local (Literally) Hidden Gems, Try Geocaching” on WAMU 88.5.

Find Your Chesapeake Geotour Launches in June

The Find Your Chesapeake Geotour Kick Off Event has been published. The event will be held at the Zimmerman Center near Wrightsville, PA on June 9th, 2018 from 10am-Noon.  NoVAGO members joined the MGS, the Chesapeake Conservancy, the National Park Service, and Susquehanna Heritage to place caches for this huge endeavor.

This geotour will have over 60 caches within Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. A trackable geocoin will be awarded to the first 300 geocachers who find 20 geocaches on the trail, while supplies last. You will need to find 20 geocaches on the trail, gather the code word, to earn one of the 300 geocoins.

For more information on the Find Your Chesapeake Geotour please visit the information thread in our NoVAGO forums.

2018 Cache Awards: Call for Nominations

Update (February 15, 2019): Nominations are closed. Stay tuned for your nominees!
Update (February 19, 2019): View your nominated caches and cachers here

😎 👏 NoVAGO’s 2018 Geocache Awards 👾 🥰

Each year NoVAGO honors some of the best caches that were placed in Northern Virginia. Cache nominations and awards are a chance for you to recognize the efforts of fellow NoVAGO cachers who have placed hides that you have enjoyed. Please consider sending in nominations, we need your input 🙏

This year, we’re starting early. From now until February 15, 2019 we will be taking nominations for the categories below (see this post for a description of categories). After the nomination period ends, the list of nominated caches and cachers will be consolidated into a ballot and be voted on by all NoVAGO members. That’s right, even if you didn’t submit nominations, you are encouraged to come vote. Winners will be announced at NoVAGO’s 2019 Spring Event, date TBD.

For now, the Best Other category will be used to collect Letterbox Hybrids, Earthcaches, Whereigos, and Events. If warranted, a separate category may be created on the ballot if any of those types receives an excess of nominations.

Email your suggestions to the following address: awards@novago.org. Please include your NoVAGO username with your nominations. Alternatively, you can use ➡️ this form to enter nominations. 🌐

The Categories:

  • Cache of the Year
  • Best Theme/Series* (three or more caches in a series or that share a common theme)
  • Best Kids’ Cache
  • Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
  • Most Creative Cache
  • Most Physically Challenging-to-Find Cache
  • Best Historical/Educational Cache
  • Best Camouflage
  • Best Multi-Stage
  • Best Mystery/Puzzle
  • Best Traditional
  • Best Other (Letterbox Hybrid, Earthcache, Whereigo, Event)*
  • Best CITO*
  • Best Log on a Cache
  • Rookie of the Year (any cacher that found their first cache after August 1st, 2017)
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Cacher of the Year

*Series, Events, and CITOs sponsored directly by NoVAGO are not eligible for nominations. (Individual caches that are part of a NoVAGO series are eligible.)

Cache Eligibility:

1. Cache must have been published between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, and still active as of early 2019.
2. As many nominations per category will be accepted, however try to keep it to 5 or under per category. (Many emails/form entries are fine, and you don’t need to have a nomination for each category with each email)
3. Caches must be within Northern Virginia, (NoVa will be defined as Alexandria (city), Arlington (county), Clarke (county), Fairfax (county), Fairfax (city), Falls Church (city), Fauquier (county), Frederick (county), Loudoun (county), Manassas (city), Manassas Park (city), Prince William (county), Stafford (county), Warren (county), Winchester (city))
4. We will compile the nomination submissions and you will be voting on the top nominees in each category. So the more nominations we get, the easier it will be to discern the best of the best. You do not need to have found a cache to nominate it.

You will get a confirmation email when you submit nominations via email.


And the 2017 Cache Awards Winners are…

NoVAGO members flocked to Sundays CITO at Glencarlyn Park and NoVAGO Spring Picnic and Awards events.  Thanks to everyone who helped out and attended to make this Spring event a success.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall!


Best Theme/Series

The Line by Awesnap (6 caches)

Best Kids Cache

Toad’s Missing Buttons by CWillyPngn

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery

The Ghost Deer Tale by freddiecrs

Most Creative Cache

M.I.L.L. Race: Spaceship by Serrabou

Most Physically Challenging to Find

M.I.L.L. Race: Spaceship by Serrabou

Best Historical/Educational Cache

Ghost Lake (FSf#1) by rlobecker

Best Camouflage

TMNT ROCKS! by nycjoyce & Taparent

Best Multi-Stage Cache

The Ghost Deer Tale by freddiecrs

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache

End of the Line by Awesnap

Best Traditional

Pumpkin King’s Cliff by sassyinmyheart

Best Other (Earthcache, Whereigo, Event)

Barrett Branch Library Wherigo Adventure by Awesnap

Best Letterbox

M.I.L.L. Race: Ignition Sequence by Serrabou


4th Annual Occoquan Bay Refuge CITO by DePhogration

Best Photo

Caching Bandits – CaveMinion

Best Log in 2017 on a Cache

Yoda wasn’t amused | at TRIBUTES17 : Dork-O-Naut 2 : Legend | by TheUnstealthy Monkey

Rookie of the Year


Best Volunteer


Cacher of the Year


Cache of the Year

M.I.L.L. Race: Spaceship by Serrabou


<center><img src=https://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/f6843e61-d13d-4cc8-b0a5-4fbf09f5d075.jpg?rnd=0.7780507 /></a></center>