And the 2019 Cache Awards Winners are…

Since our Annual Spring Picnic and Cache Awards Presentation had to be cancelled due to Virginia COVID-19 restrictions, NoVAGO wanted to do something special to announce the award winners online. Sneaky_Molly made a series of 18 award presentation videos that were released on Facebook.  The winners will still be given an award coin when group gathering restrictions lessen.  Contact NoVAGO President Nothereither to arrange meet ups to pick up your coins.


Best Theme/Series (three or more caches in a series or that share a common theme)
Congressional Medal of Honor by pwesleynd93 (25 caches)

Best Kids Cache
Catnip Scramble by CWillyPngn

Most Outstanding Location/Scenery
Leesburg Hidden Art #1: Discover the Charm by hrothroc

Most Creative Cache
In Memory of Dr Tooth A Magical-Mystery Bird House by robbitandpaul
Duck Hunt (Kid Friendly) by Morpheus1977
UNLACED: Rub sOMe BACON on I† by Serrabou
Anything for the Kids: Impromptu by topazfae

Most Physically Challenging to Find
Rocky Road by T_N_C

Best Historical/Educational Cache
Oorah! USMC Adventure Lab BONUS by Awesnap

Best Camouflage
Braddock Road…but which one? (Resurrected) by pwesleynd93
Van Gogh Bridge by TheUnstealthy Monkey

Best Multi-Stage Cache
The Chinn Park Regional Library by Awesnap

Best Mystery/Puzzle Cache
First Camera by rlobecker

Best Traditional
MAGC-6 by pwesleynd93

Best Letterbox Hybrid
Ode to The Holy Grail by MJBinski
Catnip Scramble by CWillyPngn

Best Other (Earthcache, Whereigo, Event, Virtual)
SURVIVOR18: The Vote by ZippyFinn

Best CITO (Cache In, Trash Out)
Yo Momma Says Clean Up Moore by Nothereeither

Best Log

Jumped like the dickens! by QUE3NBE3

Best Photo

GeoSurrealism by rlobecker

Light at the End of the Tunnel by TopazFae

Rookie of the Year

Best Volunteer

Cacher of the Year

Cache of the Year
Oorah! USMC Adventure Lab BONUS by Awesnap

Congratulations to all of the winners! Cache owners of winning caches, as well as winning cachers and log-writers, can add this cool logo to their cache pages and/or profiles as they see fit:

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