2018 Photo of the Year: Preliminary Voting

The thirteen photos below were each voted as the photo of the month during 2018 (one month had a tie). Now you can cast your preliminary vote for the 2018 Photo of the Year. The top vote-getters will advance to the final round.


  • Click the image to view it larger
  • Click outside the image to return to the poll
  • Click the title to select a photo (the background will turn green for selected votes)
  • To deselect an option, click the title again (the background will turn white)
  • Cast your vote by clicking “Vote” [You will need to be logged in to vote. Login or register first!]

What 2018 photo of the month winners should advance to the final round for photo of the year? (choose between 1 and 4)

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2 Responses

  1. platoaddict platoaddict says:

    Amazing pictures. Too many from which to choose. All so good!

  2. DePhogration DePhogration says:

    Best of luck to all. Love all the pictures that everyone shares.

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