Save the date for Fun Fall Festivities!

Save-the-dateMark your calendars and prep your GPSs!

Want to earn your CITO souvenir? Come join NoVAGO for the Fall CITO on Saturday, September 17th at Chinquapin Park. Stay tuned, we are trying to get an additional souvenir earning opportunity the following weekend as well.

On Sunday, October 23rd, come out for NoVAGO’s Fall Fundraising Event. If you would like to donate anything, you can contact the event lead, hooclass2002. As we get the donations together, we’ll be posting additional information on the forums and don’t forget to read up a bit on what NoVAGO does with the annual budget.

See you there!

How NoVAGO uses its budget – By Hooclass2002

NoVAGO OrigLogoColors StickerHave you ever wondered what we do with 50/50 proceeds? Or how the fall silent auction turns into caching goodness? Well, wonder no more – in an effort to be transparent the NoVAGO board wanted to share some highlights of how NoVAGO’s funds are used – both now and in the future.

First – NoVAGO currently has about $2,000 in its coffers. Our account stays relatively stable – keeping about the same amount of funding – having expended roughly $200 more than we’ve taken in so far in 2016 (given that the fall is our big fundraiser, this is expected).

Our quarterly events are some of our bigger outlays. Where possible we do in-kind services (e.g. do a CITO or put on a geocaching 101 class for use of a shelter). That doesn’t always work, and we’ll rent a shelter for our festivities. Most food and utensils are donated by members.


We also spend money for hosting our website ( but those expenses are relatively small.

coinNoVAGO purchases the annual cache awards swag (have you seen this year’s coin? It is pretty slick – Dephogration did a great job on the design!) NoVAGO also has a small complement of GPS units, and we’ve occasionally outlaid money for items such as new chargers and batteries.

As we work toward making NoVAGO a 501 (c)(3) organization we have focused on the community service and education elements of our hobby – hosting more CITOs. We’ve recently purchased trackable banners for those events. Again, Dephogration’s art is top notch. While we don’t have any immediate forecasted expenses for this endeavor, where there is an intersection of our mission and the need for items (cleaning supplies, publicity, etc) we may invest in growing our community.

irsThere are some expenses in pursuing 501 (c) (3) designation – one time fees approved by the previous board and endorsed by this one (an update and poll on that coming soon…) These fees will be beneficial for NoVAGO in the future, as businesses and organizations are far more likely to donate to NoVAGO with this designation.

Your board members are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have ideas on other items NoVAGO can support (seminars, CITOs, etc) please let us know. We’re here to support you.

We plan to announce the date and location of the fall event in the near future. It will be in a central location like last year’s event, and there will be food, geocaching swag, and fun galore.

NoVAGOing to the River (NoVAGO Summer Event)

savedateMark your calendars for a day of fun in the sun with NoVAGO at the summer event because we’re NoVAGOing to the River! We’ll be up at Riverbend Park from 10am to 1pm on July 23rd. Bring your favorite dish for the potluck and enjoy the company of fellow cachers. We’ve got the pavilion reserved for the day plus there are boat rentals available!

More details are available on the cache page.

Celebrate the Parks

geocache-game-01It seems like many organizations that help make geocaching great are celebrating big years right now. The Virginia State Parks are celebrating 80 years. You can help them celebrate in general by visiting 5 state parks and earn a free pass for next year (to support your geocaching habit of course) They’re also sponsoring a Geocaching Adventure where you can find official geocaches in 5, 10, 20 or all of the states parks and earn prizes.

centennial_npf_logo_webOur National Parks are celebrating an even bigger number, 100 years old! When could be a better time to get out and enjoy the parks.

Happy Caching!

NoVAGO’s Spring Event – Caching in the Sky with Diamonds


Join us May 7th at Sky Meadows State Park for NoVAGO’s Spring Picnic Event: Caching in the Sky with Diamonds and 2015 NoVAGO Cache Awards Presentations. It’s a potluck event and we’re breaking out the grill! Come out to help recognize the folks who have been driving force to making NoVAGO so much fun, meet new caching friends, take a free tour of the historic house and enjoy something tasty from Settle’s Kettle! Please visit the event cache page for more details and to mark your will attend!