Vote Now: 2014 Cache Awards

Voting for the 2014 NoVAGO Awards is currently open, and will be through Tuesday, April 14th.  Check out the list of nominees on the forums and when you’re ready, cast your votes using this form.

The caches in the nomination list are also available in bookmark form to help identify them. If you’re headed out this weekend, check out the list and perhaps visit a nominated cache or two! And don’t forget: we’re also planning a challenge cache like those from previous years.

Voting is a great way to participate in this annual NoVAGO event.  Every ballot counts! Vote early and often!

NoVAGO is Headed South for Winter!

The temperatures have plummeted and snow is on the ground.  For many, the current weather might make caching outdoors seem improbable, but don’t despair!  NoVAGO has a perfect fix for that caching cabin fever.   Come join us this coming Saturday, February 21st for our annual Winter Event.

NoVAGO is Headed South for Winter (GC5K00D), so we can guarantee the temperature will be warm and the surroundings dry.   Thanks to our friends in RAG (Rappahannock Area Geocachers), Porter Branch Library in Stafford will host us for a morning of socialization, presentations and activities. 

Meet friends new and old over coffee and assorted snacks.  Brush up on your cache hiding skills or learn how to keep the authorities at bay from talks such as Take Pride in your Hide or Blown Away: Avoiding the Bomb Squad. To add to the fun, join in on interactive sessions. Learn how to build a Wherigo or create a great caching puzzle, or if you’re a GSAK user, bring your questions to our experts and get some one-on-one assistance with learning what GSAK can do.  Dreaming of the start of summer?  That means Geowoodstock and as this year it’s right in our backyard, we’ll also be hosting a panel that will help you prep and prepare for your first MEGA (or perhaps even GIGA?) event!

There is guaranteed to be something to suit all — newbie and veteran cachers and everyone in between — so do come out, join us, and let us cure your cabin fever with a great morning of caching fun!  See you there!

2014 Awards Nominations Open

What were your favorite caches of 2014? Which ones brought you to awesome spots? Which dazzled you with their creativity? Which ones made you want to pull your hair out in frustration, perhaps from a tricky puzzle or devious hide? Maybe it was a cache that allowed you to learn something new? Or maybe one that tested your physical limits? Was it a traditional? A well thought-out multi? An amazing puzzle? Gather all those memorable caches and nominate them for the 2014 NoVAGO Cache Awards!


Every year, the NoVAGO community nominates and selects the best caches hidden in the previous calendar year. It’s an opportunity for area cachers to help recognize those that make caching in Northern Virginia a great experience and also a terrific way to highlight caches worth making a detour for.

You can find information on the award categories and eligible caches in this forum thread: NoVAGO’s 2014 Cache Awards Nominations.

Nominations are currently open and all are encouraged to submit their list of memorable caches! Once nominations close on February 23, we’ll pull together the ballot, voting will open, and winners will be announced at NoVAGO’s Spring Event.  All NoVAGO members are eligible (and encouraged) to submit nominations, whether many or just a few.  The more members that participate, the more representative of NoVAGO the awards are!   Nominations are easy to submit, either by email or this handy form.

Don’t let your most memorable caches get overlooked: send in your nominations today! :)

2015 NoVAGO Officers

We are happy to announce that the new officers for 2015 are:

President – WVKiwi

Vice President – Derektiffany

Secretary – Saberspark77

Treasurer – KanukGirl

Public Relations – DePhogration

Thanks to all who voted!  Come say “Thanks!” for 2014 and “Welcome!” to 2015 at NoVAGO’s Thanks! event on January 6.

NoVAGO’s 12 Days of Cachemas


Six Cachemas notifications, six days in a row.
What, where, and when will the next one show?

6 G33k$ a Pl@ying:

5 Golden Rings:

4 Velvet Elvises:

3 Runaway Hens:

2 Lumps of Coal:

1 Bison in a Pine Tree??

Yes, Cachemas is in full swing in NoVAGO!  

Our elves have been busy hiding and our cachers busy searching!

What will the 7th day bring?  Or the 8th or the 9th?
Sorry, each is still concealed until the morning’s first light. 😉

Checking your notifications when you leap out of bed,
six caches may have published, but there are six more ahead!

Are you worried there’s a notification you may have missed?
Well, you can keep track of everything on this handy list.   :)

When you make each find, do keep track of each clue,
for on January 1st there will be a bonus you’ll want to pursue!

Twelve days of Cachemas; twelve days of new hides…
We do hope you are enjoying the fun Cachemas provides! :)