8/12/17-8am-GC7959J-Cache Mob trails down the CCT 6/? + CITO

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8/12/17-8am-GC7959J-Cache Mob trails down the CCT 6/? + CITO

Postby VPDJ » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:02 am

08/12/2017 -- CACHE MOB EVENT - GC7959J - Cache Mob trails down the CCT 6/? - Hike plus CITO

Saturday August 12th - 8:00am - GC7959J - Cache Mob trails down the CCT 6/? - Hike plus CITO

Cache Mob EVENT coming up - Saturday August 12th, 2017

July's Cache Mob was the fifth of a multi-part trek along the 40 mile Cross County Trail. This was a different adventure - with placing about a dozen caches along the way in addition to finding caches - most of the June and July challenge caches have been published. It was one of several nice hiking trips (about 6-7 miles each) along the Fairfax County on the Cross Country Trail - from Lorton to Great Falls.

This month's Cache Mob continues the CITO and Hike idea - heading out on the sixth part of the 40 mile Cross County Trail which goes from Lorton to Great Falls - similar to the Bull Run Marathon trail which we completed in 3 sections. We will approach the 40 mile CCT in several sections - this section will be only 5 miles - This month should be another nice hike - along the Difficult Run Stream valley - from Squaw Valley Drive near the Dulles Toll Road to Rt 193 - come along for the adventure. Hope to have another great Cache Mob event - and another successful cache hunt - along with some CITO and some more cache placements.

8:00am Saturday 07/15/2017 - meet at posted coords - N 38° 56.615 W 077° 17.495

Alternatively - we will meet at the parking at the end of this section (N 38° 58.702 W 077° 14.944) at 7:30am to carpool from the end to the starting point - to get to the start by 8am - please let me know if you are interested in this option. This will put a car at each end so we only have to hike one way.

This month we take on a HIKING CACHE adventure to continue the Fairfax County CCT (this is the sixth of several Cache Mobs for this 40 mile long trail). Bring your walking shoes and water if you'd like to join in that part of the Cache Mob.

We will do some CITO at the trailhead and then head out on the hunt - with about 8 CCT caches as our targets. We will meet first for a picture before heading out on the trail.

These are our primary targets:
GC7959J Cache Mob trails down the CCT 6/? - Hike plus CITO

There are only 4 caches along this section of the Cross County Trail - but not sure if we can get them all ...
GCH0F3 Colvin Run Mill Virtual
GC3QQTE Peppertree Jungle
GC3Q9G0 Roo's Reststop
GC5VD45 Minecraft: Diamonds

There are no puzzles along this section of the trail - so no need to solve the puzzles beforehand.

Cache Mob - basic idea - get a group of cachers together to go out and find some of the more interesting hides in the area. Cache Mobs are now being listed as CITO EVENTS on Geocaching.com.

Tell me your preference(s) for other caches to have the Cache Mob attempt... What interesting caches do you know about? I am aiming for about 1 per month this year.

Here is a tentative list of Cache Mobs for the next few months - there will probably be changes:

9/2017 - Heater's Island
9/30/2017 - CCT - part 7 - the Great Falls Finale
10/2016 - Kayaking/Canoeing on Potomac - Algonkian - Van Deventer Island caches
11/2017 - 3 Skyline Virtuals
12/2017 - Riverbend - without the summer's heat
1/2018 - Princess Bride
2/2018 - Meadowood

Other Cache Mob possibilities:-
Government Island near Aquia Harbor

Weekend Criteria for Cache Mobs:
1) Can be done within 4 or 5 hours or so
2) Has not been done by a majority of people
3) Fairly challenging - not too hard - not too easy
4) Recently found/maintained
5) Sufficient parking for about 4-10 cars

Hope to see you on Saturday 08/12/2017 at 8:00am

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