Flash Cache Mob - Weekly Hunt - Ranger Rick's caches

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Flash Cache Mob - Weekly Hunt - Ranger Rick's caches

Postby VPDJ » Wed May 02, 2012 2:05 pm

Join us for the Flash Cache Mob - "Ranger Rick" caches - on Thursday evening at 5:15pm.

Cache(s) of the Week - Getting a group together to hunt for Ranger Rick caches on Thursday 5/3/2012 at 5:15pm - meet at NWF lot - left front side.

We will be hunting the 7 Ranger Rick's caches plus a few others in between - starting with Ranger Rick's Balancing Act: NWF (GC2TJTH)

The challenge will be to try to find nearly a dozen caches in about an hour - distance should be a little over 1.5 miles - in the shade

Please join me at the NWF (National Wildlife Federation) - left front side of the building - (approx 38.95181, -77.33187) - at 5:15pm on Thursday 5/3/2012 - (near Reston - Wiehle to Business Center Drive to end then left to far left).

N 38° 57.109 W 077° 19.912

Please let know if you can make it - call or text if running late.
You are welcome to join us even if you have found a few of the caches before.

-- Paul J.
-- VPDJ-- 571-217-3224

p.s. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future "Flash Cache Mobs" - or indicate which one(s) you want to go for - from below...

Current list of proposed cache mob hunts:
- Four-fer - Interlude with a Twist / Spider Hole / Raccoon Ridge / Augustus Oompa Loompa
- or just a Two-fer - Raccoon Ridge / Augustus Oompa Loompa
- Violet Oompa Loompa
- Tour de Arrowbrook
- Denne's Grand Slam
- Flat Stanley
- Golf View Multi

In the past weeks we have gathered to find:
    Tyson's Ghost
    Time For a Drive
    Bubba's Nazgul Night Cache
    Hangover at Sunrise
    Helen Hunt
    My Mother's Key
    Pull and Pull

Criteria for Flash Cache Mob:
1) Within 15 minutes of Reston Town Center
2) Can be done within an hour or so
3) Has not been done by a majority of people
4) Fairly challenging - not too hard - not too easy
5) Recently found/maintained
6) Sufficient parking for about 4-10 cars
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