Joey-Jo Sheepsower Horked His Dad's Car (GC250NK)

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Joey-Jo Sheepsower Horked His Dad's Car (GC250NK)

Postby rob3k » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:44 am

Joey-Jo Sheepsower Horked His Dad's Car (GC250NK)

A creative and funny yarn kicks off this puzzle cache from Serrabou. That leads to a pretty tricky puzzle solve, but the hint will help get you there, plus as you solve each string you are given additional clues for the ones left to go. Then you head out into the woods for a letterbox style romp along Joey-Jo's path. Great hike and a fun landmark with a real ammo can at the end.

This cache combines much of what I enjoy in this hobby - creativity, a challenging puzzle that I somehow managed to solve, and a fairly healthy hike. Serrabou has applied the <10KM attribute which is accurate, but it is definitely closer to 10KM than it is to 1KM.

This one is highly recommended!
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Re: Joey-Jo Sheepsower Horked His Dad's Car (GC250NK)

Postby flyingmoose » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:14 am

I agree, this was an excellent cache and well worth the puzzle and hike.
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